I noticed this morning that magic and Tiny Houses are two things that are intrinsically connected. Of course, I feel that my Tiny House is magical. I also recognize that there appears to be a larger percentage of artists and writers, musicians and other Creatives who own Tiny Houses (than in the general population). I also notice that Tiny Housers are by their very nature people who think outside of the forever-expanding box of fitter-inners. These things in and of themselves, do not, magic make.

Yet, if you Google “Tiny House Magic”, the number of hits that come up is well over 27 million. So what is it that makes the two synonymous?

I have been thinking about this all day; here is my process.

At first, I considered the growth of the Tiny House movement and I wondered is it the magic that attracts people? Perhaps, but this is not what makes them magic. This in and of itself is not even proof that they are magical.

Next, I thought about the creativity that goes into the design and planning of Tiny Houses. True there is creativity, but creativity does not equal magic even though these two things can often be seen in unison as well. While some might argue that you can’t have creativity without magic; magic can in fact be without creativity. For example much of nature is creative, and chance meetings can be magical and unless you believe that there is a god who creates and controls all then the two are not mutual.

Then, I pondered about the thought that goes into planning what exactly we can live without. I thought about what I wanted as a child: food, friends, family and a fort and I started to realize that I was back at the beginning. As I focused more on the issue, I came to theorize that I had reduced myself backward down to the basics and I thought of the premise of Maslow’s hierarchy. This pyramid shows that the higher accomplishments and desires can only be met when the lower, more basic needs are fulfilled.

Starting at the bottom:

Physiological: Presumably, if you are at the stage where you have built a Tiny House your basic needs are already being met.

Safety: The Tiny House itself fills in much of the stage two, proving that you enjoy reasonable health and have enough work to sustain your physiological needs. As well the Tiny House allows one to feel that they living morally because they do not require much in the way of resources to live.

Love/Belonging: Tiny Housers have quite a tight community to which you belong even if you are just interested in Tiny Houses. We as a group, have more time for friends and family. While I can’t speak for the sexual intimacy of other Tiny Housers, I have noticed that there are not too many Tiny Houses with single beds.

Esteem: The act of building and living in a Tiny House is an act of civil disobedience. We have stepped off the consumer society treadmill and through this process many of us have gained a lot of self-esteem, achievement and respect of those who matter to us.

Self Actualization: I think that this is where the magic lives. Our Tiny Homes, which are really an extension of ourselves, and our development. As we Tiny Housers live through the process of downsizing our possessions and move toward a sustainable lifestyle, we begin to climb up the pyramid in our own consciousness. The magic in our Tiny Homes is actually our own enlightenment.

The next question is: are all we Tiny Housers at the point of Self-Actualization? I don’t know, I really can’t speak for all of us. Even so, I just spent the entire day spontaneously mulling over magic and while I may not be 100% correct in my assumptions, I think that over the next weeks I will come to understand the facts. This my friends is a very magical place to be. Wouldn’t you agree?

Laura Moreland is a contributing writer for Tiny House Listings and lives in her tiny house in Eastern Ontario with her husband and four dogs. You can learn more about Laura through her website “Tiny House Ontario” here.

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