I recently made a trip to the Ikea store in Charlotte, NC to pickup a few goodies for my home.

While I was there I came across a neat setup where a small model home was built to give shoppers and idea of what a 375 square feet space feels like. It was also there to show what can be done a small space as far as how stylish and functional it can be.

The space was setup for a couple as the bathroom had a double sink. The amount of Ikea items in the space was a little overwhelming and I personally could do without half of the stuff, it was still impressive to see how you can even have an abundance of space in a small space with the right furniture, layout and preparation.

I personally love Ikea but believe some of their stuff is cheaply made and some of it is over-priced. But with some due diligence, Ikea is a good source for tiny house and small space dwellers. For instance, I know many tiny house owners who own and use the wall-mounted folding table offered by Ikea as their dining table.

Here are some photos and a quick video tour at the end.

My little daughter apparently wasn’t impressed.

Here is a quick and dirty video tour of the space…

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