Vintatge Rare Little Gem Bug Travel Trailer

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Price: $8500 or best offer Address: Cedar Place
Type: Sale City: East Rochester
Bedrooms: 1 State: New York
Bathrooms: Country: United States
Size: 7' x 10' Sq. Ft. Postal Code: 14445
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Rare 1964 Little Gem Bugg Vintage Travel Trailer Frame up rebuild

This cute little egg shaped travel trailer was taken down to the frame and totally rebuilt. You don’t see many of these out there. In fact, I read that in 1963 only 35 or so were even produced. It is a perfect trailer for someone who is looking for an easy tow with just enough space to provide for very pleasant travels.

The Frame is in great condition. It was ground and sanded to remove the surface rust. Then painted with Rustoluem Professional Black paint. The bumper and tongue were also ground and painted. The tire rims were ground and painted with rustoleum paint also. Two vintage baby moons that I was able to acquireare fitted in place. All exterior and interior wiring was redone. New marker and tail lights. I have glass panes for the door ordered and will replace them prior to the sale. I will also connect a new trailer four pin adapter for the lights.

New plumbing. New propane lines. You will just need to get yourself a tank with a regulator and you are cooking! The old stove and sink were replaced with a vintage mustard colored set.The stove has three burners. The faucet allows for pressurized water when hooked up via a hose at your campsite and also has a pump handle to allow for the use of water from the tank when not hooked up. A vintage icebox in great condition was also fitted in place. All interior wiring is new as is the fuse box. The exterior outlet and cover are also new. The cover or frame for the water outlet is original to the trailer. It was stripped and polished and replaced. The vintage plate holder and light are original to the trailer. The plate holder was ground and painted rustoleum black. The light was rechromed.

As stated the trailer was completely rebuilt. All framing is newly built. All interior walls are 1/4 inch oak. Every bit of custom made trim is also oak. The only piece of oak I bought from a box store was the strip that goes across the front window and the two strips that go across the double ceiling from the door to the opposite side cabinet. In several areas I went the extra mile. The closet, for example. It is lined with 1/4″ oak and oak trim. Every trailer I have ever seen has the bare back side of the outer wall and framing on the interior. It seemed a shame not to line this closet over the framing with oak walls. So it was done! The inside and outside of the closet door are oak and the edge of the closet door is lined with thin oak. The matching handles on the closet and the kitchen cabinet door are vintage. The closet hinges are vintage original. There is an oak upper shelf, oak rail for hangers and an oak lower shelf in the closet. The shelves are removable if you would like more space. The knobs on the overhead cabinet sliding doors are the originals with faces painted red to match the theme of the trailer. All cabinets/cupboards/bench seats are newly built of oak and trimmed in oak also. The wheel wells were cleaned and painted with Rustoleum black. The bench seats were built using the same oak and are also trimmed in oak. The table is original to the trailer. It does have some blemishes. A table cloth is included to match the newly made curtains. The windows and interior aluminum window trim were all scrubbed and polished. Prior to placement, the windows were lined with butyl rubber putty taped and then sealed with silicone.

The Murphy bed, known only to the little gem, folds down and rests over the bench seats where it latches in place. It folds down amazingly easy and back up again the same way. The backing of the murphy bed is oak to blend with the walls when in the up position. The braces going across the trailer are all oak and have decorative beveled edges. The trim around the door is also beveled to match and is oak. The bench seats are covered in black upholstery material.

Stainless screws were used on the total exterior of the trailer. Skins were put in place and lined with butyl rubber putty tape. Any pinholes or areas of damage were repaired using JB weld. The skins do have blemishes, dings or character marks as some call them, but it is original to the trailer. Dings were pounded out as much as possible using auto body tools. These were stripped of three coats of paint and lots of old putty and silicone. Then they were cleaned and painted using rustoleum red and rustoluem white. The J-rails were stripped of putty, tar, and paint and then polished to shine. They were replaced on the trailer using stainless screws with butyl tape underneath and sealed with silicone to prevent future leaking. On the streetside of the trailer you will see a vent about half way down. This is the original heater vent. I removed the heater and chose not to replace or alter the exterior. Not sure how safe those heaters are nowadays and a ceramic heater would keep this baby nice and toasty on cold nights. It also allows for the extra cabinet space next to the fridge without the old ugly heater in that spot. I kept the vent there because I thought it looked better than patching the skin or putting in a fake flat vent. I always lean towards keeping these old trailers as original as possible. It is held in place with stainless screws and if you chose to remove it it would not be difficult at all.

The floor is 3/4 inch plywood. The underside was treated with several coats of rubbrized undercoating. The new vCT tiles were fitted and waxed and the floor is lined in oak quarter round trim.

Except for the skins and the frame, which were both given lots of tlc, this trailer is basically brand new, but still has that same vintage appeal as the original. The original walls and cabinets were built using that fake type paneling common to the 60’s. The oak adds a much warmer and richer effect and yet it is still light enough for easy tralering. It has also been insulated, which it was not when I took it down.

I started a blog on the trailer, which I have not had time to complete yet, but if you would like to read it just ask for the link. I also have hundreds of photos showing before, during and after shots that I am more than willing to share. If you have any questions do not be afraid to ask as many as you would like. Lots of love, hard work and elbow grease went into bringing this old beauty back to it’s old glory. Not to mention the expenses, time and energy getting it back to being a beautiful little baby. So much was done that I can not mention it all here, but am happy to tell you about.

The trailer is 12 foot including the tongue. It is 7 foot wide. The original weight was 995lbs. Not sure if it is much more than that now and it should be very easy to tow. I also have the transferable registration from the previous owner. I would be able to store the trailer until you can retrieve it and I know a reputable gentleman who delivers trailers across the country at a very reasonable rate should you be interested. If you are local you are welcome to come have a look!

Ask me for the link to my blog!

Accessories not included.

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Listed on : 18/09/2013
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agentno99's Edgar album on Photobucket

The above are before, during and after photos of the rebuild.

Below is Edgar all glamped up to give an idea of the potential and how much fun you can have dressing him up in your style.
agentno99's Edgar Glamping album on Photobucket

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Location : Cedar Place,East Rochester,New York,United States,14445

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  1. Virginia La Monica

    Sep 19, 2013

    Edgar is a handsome classic! Well done :)


  2. Mike

    Sep 20, 2013

    Although I’m not much for trailers I felt I had to comment on the extensive work and great eye for detail used to rebuild this little bugger. I should think you’d be able to get your asking price without problem.

    Great Job!!!


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    Oct 03, 2013

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  4. Deb

    Nov 23, 2014

    I really like it!


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