Unconventional Ways To Design Your Tiny House

by Patricia Evans

If you are living in the metro, having a big and extravagant home is not really an option. But you can still achieve your dream home even if it’s just a fraction of the size of what you had in mind. Tiny houses are “in” when it comes to modern living. There are a lot of people who actually live in condominiums, live in rented apartment buildings, or those who just love staying in literally tiny houses.

Most of the houses that are in and around the metro are expanding upwards that’s why if you will add design and comfortability in a tiny package you have to know what you need to consider to achieve this goal. It had never occurred to me that I would be fascinated and even fall in love with tiny houses because bricks and mortar is not really my style but when it comes to decorating these pint-sized wonders is what drew me in and the options are unlimited. For most homeowners, customized design is better than following a design from a magazine or any type of interior design book. Here are some unconventional ways on how you can make your tiny houses into your beautiful homesphere. Also, you might want to question, “Is bigger really better?”

Don’t Feel Boxed

First you need to know the scale of the house to dictate the scale of the design. For a house with only four corners, you need to know what simple living is and discover that it is actually delightful. With limited space, you should make use of small fixtures and it is very important not to feel boxed. Throw away your throw pillows, throw away unnecessary decorations. Use lightweight furniture so you can move it from time to time whenever you want to. You can also play with tall and small mixture of furniture as it gives an illusion of extensive spaces. Use wall-mounted appliances like fans and cabinets. Use bright color paints to create a light feel and play with paint designs and figures to create dimensions. Be sure that these are carefully selected and placed.

Instead of your bed being “just” a bed, you can actually use it as your sofa inconspicuously. You can buy a sofa bed that can be used as a sofa during mornings. Then, at night time, you can just pull it out, get some pillows and sheets and you are good to sleep. It will save you space, enormous space. Using multipurpose pieces is just one sneaky trick in making good use of space. You too can use double purpose table. A table where you can put food and other stuff on it and below is a divider where you can actually put some of your stuff like books.

Never Be Afraid

One thing about designing small spaces is not to be afraid of placing furniture at the center. It frees the wall, giving you more spaces to put cabinets, chairs and others. Also, common problem among tiny house owners is the clutter. You wanted to have these things close to you but there are no spaces left. Don’t worry! You can design over these “wanted “messes. Instead of just letting all the clutter hang around, you can use a basket that has a lid on it to conceal the odds and ends of the household. It’s useful because you can store light bulbs, party stuff and a lot more but it is also stylish and will save space on your kitchen cabinets or counter tops. You can use other types of containers to conceal most of the small things around the home.

Mirror Mirror

Since you have a small space you have to open it up and make it grand. What more can make your small space grand is by playing with reflections. A mirrored wall is a great way to open up the tiny space adding more volume and infinity to your small space. It provides an illusion of more a big space opposed to what it really is. Plus it adds a touch of class and style to your tiny space.

Photo courtesy of Boneyard Studios.

Customize your small space designs. Do not be afraid to try things out, you can be bold, unique and fun. Everything that is big started from something that is small! Now, think. Is bigger even better?

Patricia Evans is a part time interior designer and a full-time mother. She writes about what she loves best—interior decorating.

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10 Comments → “Unconventional Ways To Design Your Tiny House”

  1. di

    Mar 16, 2015

    Mirrors just reflect the clutter of a room. For spaciousness, face furniture towards large, long windows that overlook an expansive view.


  2. di

    Mar 16, 2015

    Hide the clutter of a second storage loft in covered baskets along the eaves. Leave the central area open for music, meditation, floor cushions or a folding mat for lounging with a book or handheld computer.


  3. di

    Mar 16, 2015

    Don’t feel boxed in. Consider the placement of each window very carefully.

    If the kitchen is a busy place, span windows across the entire counter top by using under-counter appliances. Admiring your entire garden while in the kitchen would be very pleasureable.


  4. di

    Mar 16, 2015

    Try skylights over a living room, kitchen and bedroom as well as a bathroom.


  5. di

    Mar 16, 2015

    Store a few choice decorations on deep window sills or on a small NARROW shelf above a window.

    For curtains, use a small spring rod recessed within a window frame. Try a small curtain across the top of a window with colored mini blinds. To maintain privacy, try lacey sheer curtains to let the light in.


  6. di

    Mar 16, 2015

    Avoid built-ins as much as possible so that it will be easier to rearrange an entire interior floor plan as needed in the future.

    Try pull-out STORAGE ottomans beneath a bench to create additional seating or a larger bed as needed. Additional furniture, storage or climbing into a loft may not be needed.

    Rather than a kitchen counter, try a folding shelf or cutting board on top of an under-counter appliance.

    If more space is needed in a bathroom, try a portable composting toilet that can be tucked away in a closet.

    Built-ins are limiting. Portable items are versatile.


  7. di

    Mar 16, 2015

    For the illusion of spaciousness, avoid vertical storage, wall lamps and dark colors. Store items in baskets beneath furniture, try recessed lighting or a floor lamp that radiates light up into a room. Try white or pale yellow beadboard walls.


  8. di

    Mar 16, 2015

    Consider sleeping on a folding mat that folds up into a floor cushion during the day. It’s an easy portable bed that opens up a loft for other activities during the day. Rather than sheets and blankets, place a double sleeping bag on top of a folding mat. During the day, use a rolled up sleeping bag as a pillow or cushion to sit on. These items are very easy to clean.


  9. di

    Mar 16, 2015

    For spaciousness, avoid tables and desks. Eat with a plate in your lap. Do crafts with a tray in your lap. Use a handheld computer and clipboard. Store handy items on a deep window sill. Rather than a table lamp, use a floor lamp or recessed lighting. Try floor cushions. Furniture may not be needed. Change old habits and behaviors. Explore simple alternatives and going without


  10. di

    Mar 17, 2015

    Solar electric and water/snow collection may be sufficient. Try a recessed electric wall heater.

    Plumbing may not be needed. Use a large basin and camping shower bag on a hook to wash dishes, clothes or take a shower. Use biodegradable soaps and discard water outdoors.


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