Trading down. My house for your tiny house.

Kristy sent me an email over the weekend that really got my tiny house wheels spinning. Awhile back she bought a 900 square feet home for herself. Since then she has become a huge tiny house fan and has came to realize that her house is too larger for her and living in a tiny house is the right choice for her.

In 2010 she placed her house for sale and has made renovations but it hasn’t sold yet. Her idea is to trade her house with someone that owns a tiny house. Here is her email.

“Hi Steven,
I am a HUGE fan of tiny houses and aspire to be in one. My house has been for sale since 2010. It is small, 1,000 sq ft, but too big for just me. I did a lot of renovations this year to improve it’s chances, but no luck so far. I would LOVE to trade down with a tiny house person if I could find someone interested in living here.


I live in northeast PA, beautiful, quiet community with a lake. I am highly motivated, but also don’t want to end up under water on this house. Thanks for entertaining this idea for me, any advice is appreciated!”


With more and more folks becoming interested in tiny houses, and more and more traditionally-sized homes being put on the market for sale, the idea of swapping houses is worth discussion. People who own and live in a home that have are facing financial hardship or have simply realized that downsizing is a good idea (see a list of tiny house benefits here) could seriously benefit from selling their home and purchasing a tiny house. While on the other hand, folks that built a tiny house and realized that it’s not for them, their family has grown in size, or for whatever reason, could use a house that is larger.

What do you think about the issue of trading a house for a tiny house? Has anyone ever trade a house before? Ideas? Thoughts? Feel free to chime in below in the comments!

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3 Comments → “Trading down. My house for your tiny house.”

  1. Connie Dodd

    May 25, 2013

    What price was Kristy asking for her home?
    Thank You


  2. Patti Teeters

    Nov 07, 2013

    I love this idea. We have a large home with a large steel building in a small town. The home is too large for just the two of us. We have been talking of down sizing to a tiny house for some time now. Finances restrict what we can do about it. So I think trading houses is the best idea ever. I have been putting feelers out on this idea for a couple of months and no luck yet. I sure am glad the idea got to Tiny Houses. Yay! I would love more input on this subject too. Keep up the good work Tiny Houses! Love this site.


    • Mark

      Dec 01, 2013


      I’d love to talk about a few ideas with you in reference to your interest in trading. I have a tiny house that we just finished building and wouldn’t mind entertaining the idea of a trade. Please feel free to email me at anytime!




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