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  1. I’m in the research process of buying and living tiny. I’m hoping to buy a lot in the Long Beach Washington area. Do you know of any laws or regulations for living tiny in that area. This will be my retirement home.
    Thank you for your assistance and information.

    1. Susan.. I am not sure about on site built tiny home but I do know that there is an ordinance against living in a Park Model or RV full time… I was looking in to a piece of property in Ocean Park with a new Park Model on it and the realtor told me at the last minute about the ordinance… I was surprised that they considered a Park Model and RV… but she said anything with wheels is considered an RV in Pacific County… so maybe a on site build would work… Good Luck

  2. Hello I am looking for land in Seattle, WA to possibly put 3-6 Tiny Houses on that land. Do you or can you please tell me how to start this process please.

    Thanks in advance

    1. yea right – Seattle? good luck getting that approved my zoning and planning

  3. Looking for a Tiny House in Spokane Wahington, in the Valley. Planning to retire in Spokane, Washinghton .

      1. We are looking to move and live in a one level tiny home in Spokane Washington. We are wondering if it will be legal, how much it will cost as well.

  4. Looking to rent a tiny house for month of August

  5. intrested in buying property and a little house ..coast or mountain location

  6. Skagit valley area. Rent to own home looking for. Have existing property but would like our own. This is in wa state. Anything available? Info? Please 360 399 0245

  7. What are the rules of tiny homes on your property, full RV hook-ups to rent to tiny homes.

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