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  1. Looking for tiny home in the upper Woodbridge, Manassas, Manassas Park, va areas.

  2. I’ve been a builder for over 16 years and moved into the area about a year and a half ago. I’m currently a project manager for a local remodeling company, but I’m leaving at the end of the month and am planning on building tiny homes.
    I grew up in a family owned Amish construction business which built both new homes as well as additions and remodeling. I became s partner in the business right out of high school and have been involved in carpentry and construction since then.
    I would be delighted to help you with the design and build of your tiny house dream.

    1. Elmer,

      Where in Virginia are you located?

      I am seeking to build a small, but not tiny house of about 800 square feet, but with all of the ingenious and efficient utilization of storage and space just as though it were going to be a tiny house.

      I would be interested in discussing options, plans and budget.

      Thank you,
      – Randy

      1. I’m located just west of Harrisonburg, but I’d be willing to travel if it’s not too far. My apologies I haven’t visited this thread for a while. You could email me directly at:

    2. Have to start building small home in Midland yet? Thanks

  3. I’m currently looking to build a tiny house in the Virginia Beach/ Chesapeake area. I’m at the very beginning stages of researching everything there is to know about tiny houses. If there is anyone that can help me with advice on land rental/sale, building plans, trailers I would be very appreciative. I would love to start a Habitat for Humanity for Tiny Houses…anybody with me!:)

    1. Hey Connie! My name is Nathan and I am also starting the process of moving to a tiny home in the Chesapeake area. What do you think about trading email to share info as we go along? ..Two heads etc.

      1. Hi, I live in Norfolk and we are starting to look at tiny home possibilities in vb or Chesapeake.

    2. Love the idea of going tiny. The BIG issue with tiny homes is city regulations. Where are they allowed? I’m in Chesapeake, VA area, too.

    3. Hi guys. I’m in VB and starting to look into the possibility of having a tiny home here. I’d love to get to know you all and see if we could help each other figure it out.

  4. I am currently receiving a regular email with advice on building a tiny house,,.lhe will take and answer your questions, and has been sharing mistakes he made . You can contact him here and subscribe if you choose, ethan@thetinyhouse.net. Good luck…I am looking into tiny houses too! Joyce

  5. We are a senior couple, looking to move to a new tiny cottage community in the fredericksburg, Virginia area. It seems no builder does this. It seems so practicable. Our first home was a modular home community of ramblers 950 Sq to 1200 sq.. this would be perfect to move back to. However, the coominity had no hoa, and so has declined horribly. So, I firmly believe that strict hoa is important to preserve a beautiful communuty. A 10 acre flat piece of land would be ideal for 30 cottage homes. I think rambles are wonderful because they offer privacy that is lost in-house 2 and 3 story home communuties. This really requires a devolve who desires to create a simple special community.

  6. Is there any interest in Tiny Home Communities in Southside Virginia? Country living with a central center for gatherings, family visitation, etc. 15-20 minute to Hospital, shopping, amentities, etc. 4 hours to VA Beach, 1.5 hour to Blue Ridge Parkway, 2 hours to Wintergreen Ski Resort, 30 minutes to lake or river fishing, !.5 hour to Raleigh/Durham Internation Airport.

  7. Yes….Yes…..please bring a ” Tiny House Community” to SouthRiding Virginia! I am a mid age lady by myself and I cannot afford apartments or condo’s! I work in this area and it world be so perfect!

    FYI…. I really think this could be awesome for so many small family , single adults that does not have a have a big salary.

  8. Hi Greg,

    Yes, I am very interested in a ” Tiny Home Commuity” in South Riding! I work here and I am by myself. I watch the Tiny House show all the time and it would be so perfect for me! Please contact me for more ideas that I may have to share.

    Cathy Y.

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