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  1. Around how old do you have to be to purchase a tiny house? Around how much are the prices?

  2. Around how old do you have to be to purchase a tiny house? Around how much are the prices?
    Thank you.

  3. You have to be at least 18. Depending on what you want, they can cost between $20,000 and $300,000.

  4. Is there anyone in Texas that I could contract with to turn my shed into a tiny house?

    1. What part of Texas? I can help build a tiny house.

  5. Where can i post my tiny house for sale?

    1. Hello! I just ran across this site. I know it has been 2 months but wanted to see where you were located, what kind of tiny house you had and if it was still for sale/how much?

  6. I am trying to find a city in the dallas metroplex area that would allow me to put or build a tiny home on some land legally. I want it to be on a foundation. Most of the places I have researched require a minimum sq ft size of 1000 or more. Anyone know of any cities that this is not the case or maybe how to get around it? Would a semi permanent foundation work?

  7. Rockport Texas has some unrestricted land avalible am looking at some to put my a tiny hous on good luck j silba

    1. Im from the rockport area, was wondering which are you might be talking about? I want a tiny home, I have a vacant lot but im not sure about the city requirements. I know I cant put anuthing like an rv there :-\

  8. I live in a tiny house (not only wheels, but on skids and blocks) in Aledo… just outside of Ft Worth

    1. Hey, I live in Cleburne and would like to know more about where I can get land to put a tiny house on.

  9. I am interested in finding a tiny home and putting it on someone’s property where I can pay them something each month are buying a small bit. How do I find out about this

  10. Any tiny houses for sale in Texas that does financing for a family of four

  11. I have a 4,040 sqft lot near downtown Houston on Jensen Drive with skyline views. Its half old concrete and half grass. I would be interested in renting to someone to put a tiny home (possibly more than one) if its allowed by the city. I would be very reasonable on the rent but it would have to be worth the cost of me paying to get sewer and electrity installed. There used to be a commercial building there years ago.

    1. I would be interested in working with you on that. The city won’t allow a tiny house on your property unless it is a mobile home/RV park. No one said you can’t have a 4000SF RV park.

      1. I want to live in a tiny house in Houston, i am currently in Tennessee but in the future i will need a spot, how could i contact you in the future?

      2. ADAM, really interested in this idea, for houston. please contact me.

  12. I have been looking for land to put a tiny house on. Does anyone know if there is a place south of ft worth/Dallas area that will sell 1/2 or 1/4 acre (which is all I really need for a tiny home)? Or is there anyone out there that would like to split an acre? Maybe I can find three other folks and make a tiny community!

    1. Hi Grace, I am looking for literally the exact same thing!! I am contacting any and every realtor out there to ask for help seeing if acreage for sale can be divided. If you are interested, send me an email: brewhaha1@hotmail.com and we can search together!

  13. Are there any tiny home communities (yet)? If not, its a shame someone has done so yet. Many of us would love to live in a tiny home / community. Does anyone know where in the Houston area a tiny home would be allowed?

  14. I am looking for a small piece of land between Waxahachie and Tyler where I can build a tiny home. This will be on a foundation. Need to have utilities already on property. My tiny home will be 400sqft. Would not mind splitting a lot if anyone interested.

  15. We are thinking of building a TINY VILLAGE right outside of Longview Texas. Near all of the best shopping and restaurants. Have the land and lots, but not sure what to do with them.

    1. I too am looking for a tiny house area community in Houston! Let’s do this!

  16. Hi- Following up on janeyroux question about Houston TIny House Community’s, wondering if any were found and if so, where??? Would love to purchase a Tiny House for my daughters 1st house.

    1. Interested in Houston also. Does anyone have info?

  17. vette…Call Me;Steven 4693638436 I want to help the Tiny House Peeps! Id like to provide almost Free Land for these homes AND provide KOA-like facilities… Shower Houses Screened eating areas, Ample Lighting, Even A Car Repair Area With Loaner Tools (Reasonable!!) Single Moms & US Vets Are FREE!! Once Funded It Will ALL BE FREE To Everyone!! Call!

    1. Hi Steve, Dionne Williams, Retired Marine here. Im also looking at purchasing tiny home in houston area as long as traveling to TSU & UofH is within decent distance. My email is deewill617@gmail.com please contact me if your plan / offer is still a go.

  18. I live in the in the Condos area looking to purchased a to tiny home where to look

  19. Steven, Cool I’m definately interested in that. My name is Elizabeth and i know this is like 2 weeks late but i would love more information on that email me. My email is elizabethn77511@gmail.com .

  20. Hello! Can someone please point me in the right direction. I am looking to finance a tiny house on wheels for 2 adults and 2 small children to live in as a permanent residence. We are just beginning our search. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

  21. Hi, I’m from the floydada county I want a tiny house how old do you have to be a tiny home I’m in High-school 9th grade 16 yrs old I want a tiny home

  22. I have lived in apartments all my life. I am looking to buy a home, but have been watching tiny house nation and tiny house, Big living and have found great ideas and how I want my tiny home. We live in the DFW Metroplex in Texas and are really interested on how to start looking for plans on customizing things we have seen from this shows into our tiny home as well as where we can start looking right around the DFW metroplex that will allow for a tiny home. I work from home so my job won’t be affected at all and a tiny office space for my multiple monitors is important Suggestions as where to start so i can start to get an idea on the total cost of everything so I can put plans into action. Thanks for listening.

  23. Looking for info about putting a tiny home in Abilene, TX. Would love land or RV Park to put tiny homes in for college students.

  24. Dallas/Ft Worth
    I am relocating to the area and looking at building my tiny house once I get there later this year!! Would love to meet like minded people in the area for friendship and possibly a tiny house community.

  25. I am in the North Dallas area and would like to view a tiny house. Where could i do that? Even if it is just to show my husband someones current home. My husband has hesitation towards it and he wants to see one.

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