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  1. How much do these tiny houses go for? I’d like to consider a vacation home in the mountains but not sure my budget is big enough. Thank you.

  2. Well, now that they’re a fad, the price has skyrocketed. I just saw one builder offering a 18 x 18 starting at 40,000!! Ridiculous. I will build my own before I’ll put that kind of money in some greedy ass builder’s pocket. Charging that much for what is essentially a shed is akin to hiking the price of supplies when there is a weather emergency. Tiny homes began as a way for people to actually be able to afford a home of their own and now it’s just another fashionable accessory for the freaking rich.

    1. I totally agree with you. I think it is a crying shame for greedy people to take advantage that these homes have become a trophy for the rich.
      These were supposed to be an affordable alternative for people trying to find housing or downsizing to SAVE money, now they cost as much as a Motor home.
      Thanks for your comment.

      1. I hear ya! Let me know if you make any progress on finding an affordable way to do this. I’m doing the same thing. We can compare notes.

  3. You have to consider cost of labor, materials, amenities, and decor. You can very well buy the plans for $700-1000 from these same companies and build it yourself but you’ll only come out about 10 grand cheaper and to me the headache is worth that price.

  4. Im looking for an tiny home , around 7,000 no more 1 rm in an loft , in rockhill or nc . any one thats trying to sell one please call me . 720-315-8523 no im not in colo just moved here to nc thanks .

  5. Tiny homes in this area are expensive because they are expensive to build. All the cheaper ones were built using reclaimed materials. Me and my wife are building a 34×8.5 tiny house on wheels for us and our three kids. We’re into the 16,000 range in materials plus the months of work. We’re planning to sell our before we finish it already had a few offers on it.

  6. I agree, the prices are nuts!!! If someone had the skill they could build one for a lot less then 60,000.00, plus!!!! The supplies can be bought cheaper or at least use some that aren’t top of the line. Wish I could build myself, I’d have one in a heartbeat!!

  7. Have to consider the cost of the land…. The price can be very different depending on the location!

  8. You can build your own so much cheaper. You are paying for someone to build it for you and that is labor cost tacked on.

  9. What are building codes for tiny homes
    Would like to retire in one what you think

  10. FOR SALE 12′ x 24′ tiny house log cabin. It includes a 24′ front porch, a metal roof and 2×4 half round exterior siding giving it a log cabin It has a kitchen, a bathroom at one end and a living area at the other end. It was built in 1990. Price = $9,500.00 Also have a 12’x28′ storage building for sale. It was built in 2005 with a metal door and shingles. Price = $3,600.00.

    1. Wheres is it located? Can you sen pictures please

  11. Looking in or near Asheville no to get land tiny hoise

  12. I have a large piece of property that I’m considering developing g for tiny Homes. As I begin the exploration stage I want input to what others might want to see in such a unique development. I plan to keep most trees. A narrow 2 lane road will be put in with sewer,water,and gas.
    Please share with me …. it would be the first in the Charlotte/Matthews area.

    1. My partner and I are at the beginning stages of building/owning a tiny home in the Charlotte area. I would love to stay notified as you progress with this property!

  13. i would love to get information on this tiny house development for the Charlotte/Matthews area.

  14. Interesting. Should probably check some RV parks for rates unless you wanted to sell individual lots. That might be your highest dollar for less work.

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