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  1. I am looking for a tiny house in NYC. But there’s none listed. Do you built tiny homesin NYC? Is there a tiny community in NYC somewhere around?

  2. Hi, Im not sure if there is a tiny house community in NYC, but i have been learning about the movement and im interested. I work at an architecture firm in NYC and if you have any questions or are interested ill leave my e-mail.

    1. Hi Brian,

      I’m looking for an architect to turn my tiny house plans into a workable blueprint. If interested, kindly email. thanks, Marty

    2. Just echoing all the other NYC’ers who are interested in Tiny Houses, yet frustrated that there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution. For me, I need to be able to live near NYC as my career is in the city. So I guess the best option is to look for New Jersey? Or Long Island? I wish there were some place in Queens. Anyone know of someone making a tiny house work near NYC?

  3. Hello I a looking for a tiny house but it seams impossible to find in New York with rent as high as it is and not being able to buy a regular size house where can I find a tiny house in the New York Queens area

  4. i’m looking for a tiny house in Buffalo NY – we have some of the cheapest real estate in the state and I can;t believe tiny houses aren’t a thing here!

    1. We are from Buffalo (Hamburg) as well, and are looking into building our own tiny home. Would you be interested in perhaps trying to coordinate or compare notes?

      1. I am considering relocating back to the area and would love to be able to do so in a tiny house. I’d love to hear anything you know about zoning in the area etc. I am looking at the Angola area. Thanks

    2. Im from Buffalo and am looking at tiny houses too! Any ideas about local builders who are willing to try building one? Even sales… im finding nothing here…

      1. Hi, I’m in Rochester and have a “Tiny House” model home almost complete. You can view it on Facebook at Tiny houses by Northeastern Contracting. It is my intention to start building safe well constructed to local code Tiny Houses.

  5. Looking for a tiny home community in queens New York and I can’t find one. I’m ver interested in buying a tiny home

  6. Same here. It’s so irritating…it seems to me that the powers that be (realtors, developers, Albany, bureaucracy, red-tape, etc.) have all conspired to ensure that the little guy continues to be unable to have his/her own home, and for a REASONABLE price.

    I also suspect that part of the reason for the dearth in tiny home inventory is…. even IF the home itself is tiny, there’s still that LAND it’s on. And where is there an affordable piece of LAND in NYC? Every possible plot of land is snatched up by greedy developers and turned into soulless glass and steel apartment buildings for maximum profit.

    I DID find a small Tiny Homes NYC group on Meetup.com but at present it doesn’t seem very active. Nonetheless I did sign up for the group in hopes that an increase in members may spawn more activity of that group…

  7. i am due to retire in the next year or two. i am very much interested in a tiny house. approximately 500 Sq. Feet. with the land included. i do not have time to search for land as well. I would like if someone out there can advise me if they are available and the cost of the land with the Tiny house. IT must also have all the appliances and possibly a loft where you can also stand in and full working kitchen and closet with lots of storage and full working bathroom. No more than an hour or so from the Bronx, New York or Manhattan New York. It is a shame that there are none available that i could fine.

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  9. On Long Island and would really, really love to find land or even a tiny home with site. I would so love to see this happen in NY. Keep me posted guys. I am down for the Movement.

  10. Lots of interest in NY it seems, if anyone in the greater Albany area is interested please email me. I have been looking at land to place a Tiny house on and would also open it up to others in the area. Thanks!

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