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  1. Hi Warren,

    This movement is new enough in Michigan that not too many are available for resale. At this point you need to find and buy the land or lot you want and then pursue a manufacturer. I am a Realtor with RE/MAX Resort Properties in Northwestern Mi. I recommend you go to Mitinyhomesmichigan.com to find a guy who builds them.

  2. KJKrage – What would you charge to build a tiny home?

  3. I just have a question, I live in Roseville, Michigan 48066. Can a tiny house go in my back yard? I would like to build a small mother’s suite or buy a used one for my yard. Is this possible? That way I would be close to my mother and she can still be independent and have the privacy she needs.. Thank you for any information you can provide.

  4. Lana ,
    You could actually do just that , however you need to look at local codes , some cities and municipalities restrict things like if it needs to be plated and registered , fixed or non-fixed , and the square footage issue can arise if neighbors are nosey and cause drama about it being lived in by an elderly woman. Some people are just ignorant. So do some research. You can contact me if you can’t find used what you need. I am almost ready to begin building in northern Michigan and would love to see what we can work out for you. Thanks.

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