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  1. Hello,Im looking for a tiny house.Im moving to Golfstown in 5 months .Could I get more information of your tiny homes.Im looking for a one bedroom,with a compost toliet.Thankyou

    1. Mrs. Connelly,
      Great to hear of your interest in the tiny home movement. I’m reaching out to help with your goal living in a tiny home. I am unsure where tiny house listing has move forward with this post although I would be happy to discuss details and specifics about tiny homes to help ease your process. Please reach out with any questions and I’d love to assist in the transition.


  2. Hello, I am looking for a tiny house on wheels. I am willing to do some work to it. I have looked at some different options. Some of the prices I have been given were CRAZY. Does anyone have any ideas?

  3. I have been in the building trade for 30 years and a co-worker and myself are in the process of starting a tiny house business. Our goal is to make tiny houses affordable, with an emphasis on quality. Each house will be one of a kind and built custom to your needs. If you are interested in first one please contact me.

  4. I’m a builder in Maine . Would to work with a Client that wants to build a tiny home , especially using a trailer as the foundation . I am eager to move towards more sustainable building practices. I think the possibilities are wide open right now and I welcome any correspondence .

  5. I have 400 acres on beautuful Williams Pond Bucksport next to Williams Pond lodge and interested in ideas for a low cist tiny house community there.

    1. Looking to build a tiny house for someone. Not looking to get paid alot just the experience of it. Not a professional but I really think I could get it done to the quality someone would appreciate.

  6. Hello, I am interested in a tiny house that is built on the ground and can get by the zoning laws that seem to preclude living in a tiny house in most areas.

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