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We regularly have tiny house listings for sale in Hawaii and throughout the United states. Since oftentimes tiny houses can be moved and delivered, location isn’t always a factor when buying a tiny house.

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  1. hello! I am looking to buy a tiny house for my cats and I (LOLZ$) in the Ohahu area!!! ThAnK yOu BuNcHeS
    ~ love addy

  2. I need to rent a time tiny house for my son and I .we both are on disability .could you please help us .sincerely Nikki Paulson :)

  3. I lovvveeeee Hawaii and i loveee lovvve loveee Ohahu area! Great place! I bring my children to that place for winter break! All 10 of them loovvvvve!!! Cant wait for next year! Hoping to buy a house over in Ohahu nex year :))))

  4. Tiny Pacific Houses can deliver to any island! They are from Hawaii too!

  5. I am soooo yearning to be in the islands!! I want either some land to rent to fit a tiny house or a tiny house contractor to build my house. HELP!

  6. Tiny Home Eco Kauai builds Tiny homes on wheels on Kauai using only PV power and quality craftsmanship when we build you your custom Tiny Home. We ship to all islands and offer shells, lockouts, grid-tied, semi-grid-tied and off-the-grid Tiny Homes. We have a design for every sytle and a price for every budget. Come and join the Tiny House Movement in Hawaii. Start Living Large in your new Tiny Home today.

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