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  1. I am interested what is available

  2. Looking for tiny house in Jacksonville fl

    1. Any luck? Jacksonville here as well. mssunshinelady2003 on gmail

  3. I have a tiny house for sale in Florida, not just a shell as most people want to sell. This is move in ready…just need your personal items.

    1. I’m interested in your tiny house! Where is the listing?

    2. Hey Keith is there a way to see the listing or get in touch. E-mail me if possible I’m very interested Have a beautiful day!

    3. Keith, would like information on your house. Thanks, Jan

    4. Keith, I am very interested in finding a tiny house to use as my primary residence. If yours is still available, please email me with the location and any other major details, such as price. Thank you.

    5. I am interested in your tiny house could you tell me the price and other things as such

      1. Tim My Name is Chris From Tiny Luxury Builders. If your intrested in a custom built Tiny house feel free to contact me as I am based out of Miami,Florida but do build tiny houses on wheels ready to move!!

        Christopherpaz33@gmail.com or

        Cell: 305.308.9630

    6. Hi Keith,
      can I have more information please I live in Florida

    7. Hi Keith by any chance do you still have your tiny home and where is the location?

  4. Looking for a tiny home near Sarasota fl

  5. Looking for a tiny house for sale near West Palm Beach.
    Please email me.

  6. I just moved down here from Michigan my Husband and I are looking for a used tiny house in Pensacola or around that area we don’t have much money. We would like to buy or build are own would like something on wheel so can take in back North when we go back to Michigan in summer so we don’t have to stay with are children or family.

  7. Tiny house for sale in Deltona, Florida ready to move,please give information thanks.

    1. Vicki 321-917-5311 or vickid60@live.com need a tiny house I have no where to live my son is giving me a piece of property thank you

  8. If Anyone is Interested In a Custom Tiny House on Wheels built to fit your needs feel free to contact me Chris of Tiny Luxury builders.



    Cell: 305.308.9630

  9. Looking for a rent to own tiny house in Pensacola near my work. Single mom of a wonderful 9 year old son. All we have is each other and would like our own tiny house. Tiny house near downtown Pensacola or a safe neighborhood near a great elementary.
    Thank you

  10. Hi I live in palm bay fl I need a tiny house my husband died I have around ten to fifteen thousand vickid60@live.com please help

  11. Looking for a tiny house I can move to palm bay fl vickid60@live.com or321-917-5311 my husband is dying and my son is giving me a lot thanks Vicki hopefully reasonable cause just one prescription is 400.00 for a few pills and chemo he just lost his insurance tthank you vicki

  12. Looking for a Tiny house builder in jacksonville Florida, any help much appreciated,
    i’ll keep visiting here regular so feel free to drop a reply

  13. Looking for tiny home in st Augustin flo under 30000 must be move in ready thanks

  14. Where in Jacksonville Florida can I park a home on wheels that self-sustaining thank you Christine

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