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  1. Looking for a tiny house near denver. Could be 40-50 minutes out of denver. Will be retiring out there in the next 18 months. Please advise what might be available.

  2. I am looking for a tiny house in the Denver area. Please let me know when you find one.

    1. Would you be interested in getting one built?

  3. I will build you one if you find the spot you would like for it…all I need is your general size and maybe send me a few pictures of ones you like…it will be constructed very well…

  4. I to am considering a tiny house in Denver Colorado – maybe a couple of them 1 for myself & 1 for my son on a lot.
    can someone message me at ms1namilliongirl@yahoo.com
    size I’m looking at is 16X24 with an upstairs. front porch I have a video of one I saw that I like that I can send to you for viewing

    Thank you,

  5. Yes I am looking to buy a tiny home in Greeley Co.16×24 1-2 bedroom on same floor bathroom,living room ,kitchen front porch just enough to land to park my car and just a very little in back yard to let small 3. Lb and 6. Lb. chihuahua outside and if you have any to sell could you send pictures of them in and outside to see what they look like. Thank you Deborah Jackson 247 Vandenburgh Point Rd Gloversville,NY 12078 (518-921-2597) Do you have such a home .

  6. I have a tiny home’straw bale in Saguache Colorado. IT is darling with skylights and small kitchen. (1200 sq feet) It also has a 26 X 12 covered green house carport IT has 1/4 acre fenced with 5 outdoor freeze proof water spickets and a art studio plus a barn and is gated and fenced and completely private. Room for many green houses and organic gardens. It has a beautiful view but is hidden away at the end of a road in a tiny village of mostly artist and farmers.
    It is brand new and very organic. We are asking 149,000. If interested please email me for more info:

  7. My Name is Travis Poland im located in Denver CO. In the remodeling business and am really interested in the Tiny House Movement, and would love to start building custom ( tiny houses ) mobile or stationery.
    Please reply if interested. Thanks :)

    1. I’m interested in a stationary one at some point, would need to work on pricing and if you could do it in Durango or know someone interested.

  8. Hi Travis,

    I’m interested in building a custom art studio that’s portable to store on my property here in Denver. No running water or kitchen/bathroom, just an attractive and solid structure with doors, Windows, and proper construction so it’s weather proof. A tiny house art studio if you will. I’ve just recently started looking into options when I stumbled on this post. I’d be looking to have it finished by mid summer. If you are interested in having a discussion, please send a reply. I’d love to get creative and hear any ideas you have if you’re interested.

    1. Hi Adrienne! Sorry for the late reply, Im finishing a cabin up in Jefferson and dont get service.
      Sounds Fantastic! I understand what your explaning. It would be fun to throw some ideas back and forth. Please email me tleepoland@gmail.com. I’ll send you my phone number and can go from there.

  9. I’m going to be 18 at the end of this year and in interested in buying a modern tiny home to live it. I was it to be around 300-400 feet if possible, mobility is optional really, but I would love to still be close to my parents in the Denver community. This will be my first home, so if anyone has any stylish and affordable options that will be available within the next year and a half, please let me know.

  10. I am in the process of stepping into a new life as I leave my husband of 20 years and a beautiful (large) home in the Denver area. With much thought, prayer and vision boarding I know that I want to be in a tiny house somewhere in Colorado. I am a writer and a canine massage therapist so I need enough space for myself, my two dogs and the dogs that I work on. After doing a lot of reading and exploring I think I would be fine with 3 to 500 square feet. I’m thinking that finding the land to put it on is the most difficult part of the process. I’m putting this out there with the hope of getting more information of how to make this dream happen.

  11. I too have divorced after 25 years- except I am in my home. I love in Berthoud, Colorado and am looking to rent some of my land for a tiny house – as trying to have additional income. I have 8 acres, tow ponds. I love animals and think this setting would be very nice for your dog massage business. It is also rather Serene for a writer. It is also a horse property with a big arena and a barn. Also grow a large vegetable garden that would share the labor and vegetables. I do not have a tiny house. I do not know how to set up the space – but there could be access to water and electricity but no waste hook up. I am looking for 600 to 800 per month rent – depending on use and needs. If utilities are used – that could add more to cover that expense. There is a lot of work to do around here so open to some compensation for that.

    1. Laurel,

      I am interested in talking with you. Please email me at tkcolville@gmail.com.
      Have an interest in a horse property in particular and am looking at tiny houses.
      Would like to talk with you. Currently in Littleton.


    2. Hi Laurel,

      I read your post regarding renting some of your land for a tiny house. May I ask what the elevation is where you reside?

      Jayne Shaw

    3. Hi Laurel, I am interested in talking to you about living on your land in a tiny house. I am a single, adult female (no kids, 2 small mature dogs). I am currently in Denver, looking to be in Berthoud or Longmont because I ride horses and do advising/psychotherapy in that area. Let me know if you have any interest/availability (HollyTruhlar@gmail.com). Thank you for your time. With Gratitude, Holly

  12. I’m a college student looking for a tiny home that fits 2! Please someone help !!

  13. Laurel I too would like to chat with you about this opportunity. I am VERY interested in the gardening part as well as living in a tiny house. Please email me if still considering at tonimcm1@gmail.com

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