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  1. We are looking for a tiny house in about 500 to 700sq ft. Can you please give me an estimate of how much it cost.
    We would like one delivered to Central California once we find one.

    Thank You

  2. Hi Erick I have been a builder and licensed general contractor for over 15 years. I can build any wood structure with plans and just started building custom steel traitors for boats and houses. I think we can make any design you have in mind. I can be reached @ 310-497-5438 or by email. Precisionconstruction1@gmail.com


    Ron B
    Precision Construction #796588

  3. interested in a (mobile) Tiny Home with about 800 square ft. Does anyone know of anyone building or selling these in Northern California! Please email me directly (healer@chico.com). Thank you.

  4. Hi im a low income single person who would like to know if theres a payment plan that i can pay on to own a tinyhome of my own someday? Fresno os the closest to me and i would like to hear from this company. Thank you

  5. Looking for a Tiny House on wheels. Approx. 250 sq. ft. 2 loft’s, to put on my Tiny property in Cestline CA.

    1. We are custom home builders who are transitioning into building tiny homes, based in Corona Ca. We are starting our next build in Feb. If you are interested we can customize it for what you are looking for? Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or have any questions.


      Thank you,

    2. Ms. Wendy, I have built 2 tiny custom homes in the past 12 months. I live 15 minutes from Crestline in north san bernardino. If you are interested send me an email- berdooiesc@gmail.com

  6. Interested in a tiny home, preferably on wheels, 800 square feet, anywhere in california. White, paneling, farm house style :)

    Thank you!

  7. I am a tiny home builder who utilizes CAD to create a 3d model of the tiny home. This gives you an exact replica of what the final outcome will be.
    berdooiesc@gmail.com or 9097630047

  8. Hello, I’m considering retiring from my job of 20 years and have been looking at Tiny Home Programs on TV and thought how cool that would be to own one. If anyone can direct me to existing Tiny Homes or builders that would be able to assist me with my new adventure. I’m in Southern California but would consider other locations

  9. Looking for TH to buy or build 3-400sq ft and locate in.Northern California.
    Any resources.,ideas?

  10. Hello Tiny Home enthusiast! I have just built a beautiful custom tiny home in Santa Barbara CA. The home will be featured on the show Tiny Home Nation and we have decided to sell. Contact me if interested in owning a one of a kind tiny home. SBtinyhome@gmail.com

    1. hi, how much are you asking and how “tiny” is it? do you have photos?

  11. Interested in Cottage style tiny home about 480-500sq ft..near other tiny home communities..about 45-1he away from. LA..

  12. Looking for a cottage style home 480-500said ft. 45-1 hour away from.LA

  13. I live in Lake Forest, CA. Would like to know about Tiny house community nearest here. Where can i find the parking lot and how much it that. How to get electric and water.
    As i saw, most tiny houses park in forest or lake side. Should we ask for goverment permission or any legal officer? Thank you so much .

  14. Looking to buy a tiny home in California. Interested in builders who can customize my build. Im looking for about 700-900 square feet. Home to be placed on purchased land in California or if you have a tiny home on property already, I will consider Contact me with ideas.

  15. Looking for a tiny house to rent. I live in Burbank. I’d like 800 to 1100 sq feet.

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