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Price: $16000 Address: 80 Blake Blvd
Type: Sale City: Pinehurst
Bedrooms: 2 State: NC
Bathrooms: 1 Country: USA
Size: 200 Sq. Ft. Postal Code: 28374
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Tiny Cabin Info:
•Made in a Factory (no mold or exposure to the elements)
•Has a North Carolina Title, Tags, & Registration
• Has a complete plastic wrap around all the
walls for an extra moisture barrier
•Chassis has only 140 miles on it (from Greer, SC to Hickory, NC)
•Sub floor walls and roof insulated
•17ft x 8.5ft.
•17 ft. long, outside hubcap to hubcap is 8’5″, street legal is 8’6″, inside the walls are 7’4″ x 17′.
•Height is 12 ‘5 to the ground, max is 13.6 ft.
•Fully wired & plumbed, toilet, sink, exterior outlets
•Flood lights both ends
•Two 6,000 lb. axles=12,000 lb. capacity
•Weight is approx. 8,500 lbs.
•Brakes all 4 wheels, electric brake away brake (emergency brake away brake system) Landscape trailers have NO brakes
•Electric brakes all 4 wheels (some states require brakes all wheels now)
•2&5/16 Ball (The ball is 2 and 5 sixteenths wide, it’s just the biggest baddest ball they make for heavy duty trailers)
•5 inch channel chassis (entire body of cabin)
•Reverse tow bar
•Removable Jack
•All new tires, axels, brakes
•Metal roof
•Stained exterior
•Runs off a small generator
•Extension cord and truck accessory plug
•Trailer was double coated with rust proof paint, exterior painted with more concentrated paint rust resistant
•Trailer has a hitch mounted on rear for reverse towing or turning in small spaces
•The trailer alone would cost $6,000 anywhere
•The cabin is made of Fir (the lightest wood)
•Stained with a anti bug preservative
•Walls, floor, and ceiling all insulated approx. R19 value
•Hard wood floors walls and ceiling to help with R factor
•Wired to run from exterior power source, can plug into campground outlet or an extension cord from the house or your ac adapter in your truck
•The toilet and sink are designed to exit out a 3″ pipe for septic
hook up or campground hook up
•There is a water in receptacle to supply the water to toilet and sink
•Does Not have a shower but can easily be taped in for one
•Has outside electrical hook ups (front & rear)
•Has outside flood lights (front and rear)
•Inside dimensions are 17 x 7.4 ft., 126 sq. ft. down, 80 sq. ft. loft
•It is completely wired for any appliance, typically a microwave or conventional oven, mini fridge, there is an outlet in the loft near the loft window for a fan or AC unit, so the drip from Ac unit would fall outside
•Has room for more appliances and circuit breakers in the breaker box
•Has room for more appliances and circuit breakers in the breaker box
•Has outside outlets as well front and back to run extension cords to or to be used for electric grills
•Height in loft in middle to peak is approx. 5ft,
•Bathroom is 3ft wide x 7′ 4″ long
•Inside measures is 17ft includes the 3ft bathroom
•X 7ft 4in wide
•Outside fender to fender is 8’5″ (DOT: 8’6″)
•Height of unit is 12’5″(DOT: 13′ 6″)

Can there be a kitchen efficiency placed in the cabin? Is
there a hook up & plumbing for that?
Yes, most definitely! There is a 3 inch wall petition, on both side’s, on one side is a toilet and the other is a sink, either can be taped into for a kitchen sink its all plastic plumbing all drain in to a 3″ exit under the cabin, so even a shower could be attached to the hot and cold faucets, I would recommend a convection oven/ microwave, and a small counter small fridge under the counter, plenty of electric outlets on both sides, more room in the circuit box.

Could this be converted to solar?
Yes, it is possible but costly, around $5,000.00. Typically the solar charges up batteries, in the day and then it draws from the battery at night, I looked into it before and actually have a solar attic fan designed to suck the hot air out of the attic. It’s in Greer at the factory. Lowes sells a smaller version, and fishermen have a version that powers a trolling motor so to save fuel and its quiet and doesn’t’ t leave gas on the water.

Does the shower come with a small water heater for hot water?
Currently there is not a physical shower in the cabin but it can easily be taped for one and an additional drain spout can be placed in the floor and use the existing runoff that is leaving the bathroom floor. There is not a hot water heater in the bathroom but there is a space designed for one under the sink in the bathroom.

Is the cabin RV factory made or man made?
This cabin could fit either description it needs to. It is not a park model, which goes up to 400 sq. ft., over 400 sq. ft. it becomes a Mobile home. There is a certification for Park models, but its just a stamp you get typically with an Assembly line making many at a time, which is not how this cabin was assembled. There are no requirements for this size other than the width, less than 8’5 wide is considered street legal; some states require registration some don’t, just some want to be able to assess taxes. Technically it was built in a factory, and the factory builds other trailers for Ferris wheels and amusement rides, so the manufacturer has the ability to produce a Certificate of Origin for whichever scenario. There are serial numbers stamped on a metal plate that is attached to the chassis. He is very well known and highly educated on the standards of a trailer that goes up and down the road, so technically it’s a trailer, what is on it is almost irrelevant. The trailer is over built. It exceeds any landscape trailer that those other tiny houses use. A 450k Ferris wheel fits on a 8’6″ wide chassis same as this one, street legal, so the cabin can go either way, you can say its a home built cabin, but the chassis is way over built for any home built standard, brakes all 4 wheels, emergency brake away brake 5″ channel. It fits both scenarios.

Does it have tags on it?
Yes, it has a NC Trailer License Plate on it.

How is this wired (amps)?
It has a large circuit box that provides 100 amps; there is room for more circuits that could fit in the box.

Is there any fresh water tank? Grey water tank?
There is not a storage tank or reserve currently. Right now it is set up for water intake like from a campground hookup, its water in and water out, but of course this could be altered.

It has a water IN, Septic OUT (Facet head that will fit the specific camp ground)
30 inch stand up shower (36 inches wide in that corner), can use the same drain
Three-prong outlet cord that comes out from the hitch to plug into outside receptacle.

Can the cabin be financed?

We only accept Cash, Pay Pal, & Certified Checks. How you get the funds is up to you!

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Listed on : 27/05/2013
Property Id : #22868

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Email: TinyCabins@gmail.com

Perfect hunting or fishing camp, hunt game from the windows while the Mrs. Is watching TV. Extra room with toilet for visitors. Great to take to NASCAR or the Beach! Could be used for spare office or extra room for guests. Prepper’s paradise or bug out location! Of course, this could be fully assembled and equipped for the simplistic lifestyle of the new craze of tiny house living and function completely like a tiny home! This is basically a high quality version what can be purchased for $20,000 in the tiny home venue. This is a steal for the quality of this craftsmanship on this cabin. It has so much more than what these tiny home companies charge $20K-$30 for and you just get the shell! Compare prices at these websites:





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Location : 80 Blake Blvd,Pinehurst,NC,USA,28374

7 Comments → “Tiny Cabin”

  1. alice thompson

    May 28, 2013

    is the log cabin still available? do you have interior photos?


  2. Nate

    May 28, 2013

    Don’t sell your self short. I sold my tinyhouse that was similar or less of quality than yours for more.


    • Brittany

      May 28, 2013

      I know! This is a great deal but we are just trying to get our money back that we have into it. What did yours sell for if you don’t mind me asking? You could always buy mine to flip! Thanks for the comment!!


  3. Brittany Minogue

    May 28, 2013

    Thanks! What do you think this should sell for then?


  4. Karly

    Oct 02, 2013

    I tried going to the website to see the pictures of inside your tiny cabin but is says it doesn’t exist, I tried several times.


  5. Karen Johnson

    Nov 02, 2013

    Hi, is your house still for sale?


  6. Bethany

    Nov 07, 2013

    Is this still for sale? It’s a great price, and in our area so that’s wonderful. But I’d love to see interior pics. Neither the website nor the facebook links worked. Both said “page does not exist.” Thank you!


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