The Miter Box

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Price: $35000 Address: 5009 NE 11th Avenue
Type: Sale City: Portland
Bedrooms: 1 State: OR
Bathrooms: 1 Country: USA
Size: 150 Sq. Ft. Sq. Ft. Postal Code: 97211
Times viewed: 40,245 views Contact Lister

Property Description

Designed to be one of the first modern, energy efficiency focused Tiny Houses. The inspiration was simplicity, clean lines, and sharp contrast with a modern twist on classic childhood drawings of a house. The name is derived from the Builder’s great attention to detail, intersecting lines and precise comingling of warm wood and cool metal.

This Tiny Home is a fully contained house on wheels with 122 square feet on the main floor and 28 square feet on the loft. The loft is accessed by a custom made, no slip ladder stair. The interior is clad with reclaimed cedar juxtaposed with white walls. Interior includes all metal counter tops, tabletop and “wet bath” walls with flushing toilet and shower (adaptable for a composting toilet as well). Equipped with small stainless steel refrigerator and hydraulic dining room table that converts the dinette into a full bed. Storage includes galley cabinets, under bench storage in the dinette, under the moveable bench seat, bathroom medicine cabinet and above bathroom storage loft. Furnishings also include custom-made dinette/bed cushions and custom wall lighting. Flooring in the main area is Sequel Rubber Cork flooring with cedar slat flooring in the bathroom. Heating system includes an Envi 475 Watt wall heater with thermostat and an electric water heater. The exterior consists of a well insulated shell (R-38 Roof, R-22 Walls, R-23 Floor), commercial aluminum casement style windows, standing seam metal roof that comes down one side, reclaimed Cedar wood siding on the remaining three sides with a cantilevered covered entry porch. Trailer is custom-made with dual brakes, built-in jacks on each corner, 7-pin connector system by Iron Eagle Trailers. Electrical system is 30-amp hookup.

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Derin Williams

Listing Details :
Listed on : 17/07/2014
Property Id : #29931

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Additional Features

Original Construction Plan Set included as well as Appraisal papers and Title with VIN (is RV Certified).

This Tiny Home is ideal for use as a vacation retreat, backyard rental, Mother-In-Law Unit, extra bedroom, office or caretaker quarters. Designed and built by Shelter Wise, LLC, Portland’s only combined Tiny House Builder and Energy Efficiency Contractor. Currently located in Portland, OR, being used as part of a Tiny House Hotel. Available after January 1st 2014

More photos can be seen here in larger format.

Property Map

Location : 5009 NE 11th Avenue,Portland,OR,USA,97211

12 Comments → “The Miter Box”

  1. Robin

    Dec 01, 2013

    Isn’t this “The Pearl”, and part of a Tiny Home Rental retreat? I adore this house and it is one of the more beautifully designed homes I’ve seen at Alex’s site. :D


  2. Mary

    Dec 01, 2013

    This is exquisite!
    Just beautiful.
    You should be proud of your fine work.


  3. dawn

    Dec 01, 2013

    one thing i would like to see tiny house make is one that has a bathtub in it ( that also can be a shower. id also like to see a living room be a living room……… i saw (dont know who made it but i know tiny house can make it better) is bathroom on left and kitchen on right ( devided by wall) . these thing were under the loft area. the living room was much bigger and more useable……….

    this is beautiful but not even a couch can fit in there! what is everyone going to sit??? in the giant bed downstairs or booth………. it took up to much room!!


  4. James

    Dec 16, 2013

    That is absolutely tiny. How do you fit in it??
    If anyone wants to check out new park model homes, go to,


    • dewhit

      Jul 17, 2014


      The site is called “Tiny House Listings” for a specific reason.



    Feb 13, 2014

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  6. Geraldin

    Mar 11, 2014

    Can you please let me know how much this tiny house including the frame weight ?
    Thank you


  7. Derin

    Apr 03, 2014

    It is roughly 6,500 lbs.

    Thank you for you interest!


  8. Jennifer

    Jul 01, 2014

    Is this still available and is it a possibility to section off the sleeping loft for added privacy?

    This is by far the best tiny house I’ve seen so far! Lovely work :)


  9. Susan Johnson

    Jul 17, 2014

    As homey as a prison cell.


  10. Laura James

    Jul 18, 2014

    @Susan Johnson Why are you here except to troll? Seriously…If you had ever looked at many of the tiny homes for sale on this site you would know that this is one of the best of it’s genre. Although I grant that you are somewhat entitled to your opinion, your lack of constructive criticism skills suggests you would be more comfortable commenting on Yahoo news. Have a nice weekend:)


    • Susan Johnson

      Jul 19, 2014

      @Laura James – troll schmoll. I have looked at and studied hundreds of tiny homes on this website. “Its” does not have an apostrophe. Thanks for granting me a somewhat opinion, good of you. If you don’t mind, I’ll continue to express my entire opinion. That entire opinion, just for you, since you don’t appreciate succinctness, is: This house’s cold stainless steel, with hard edges, plus total lack of color, and austere, comfortless furnishings, down to including rocks in the shower (don’t get me wrong I do love rocks, just not here) spell prison cell environment to me, and I believe some people, yours truly for sure, would run screaming from this barren cave within a week or two. I kind of thought my six words summed up my opinion and saved folks from having to read my excess blather, but you asked for it. Maybe not constructive in the case of this design, which is beyond hope, but it might give some modernity lovers pause to think about what they want to try to live in. Just sayin’, Laura.


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