Tiny House Unit 2.0 modified

My name is Ethan and I am re-listing my tiny house.

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Elm Tiny House

You’ve seen them on every news program, they’re the new movement in houses, and can be used in a variety of ways.

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Could You Really Live Off The Grid?


by Andrew Odom So much of the tiny house movement (be it as it may) revolves around life off the grid. But what does that mean? Does off the grid mean life without grid-tied electricity? Does it mean life without an address? Does it mean life without running water? Consider Nick and Esther who left [...]

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Practical and Bulletproof Comfort in a Tiny Home

The vision for this particular tiny home is very important for potential buyers to understand for a couple of reasons

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Hummingbird Loft includes trailer to move it

The Hummingbird with loft and deck

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School Bus Conversion

1974 Bluebird school bus conversion

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20′ Move In Ready Tiny House

After building our dream house this past winter, my fiancé and I have been offered an opportunity to build a tiny on foundation

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The Cheryl cabin


guest post by Joshua Woodsman In the beginning, I dreamed designing small living spaces, which could be built by anyone anywhere. This led to the creation of the project Pin-Up Houses ( All Pin-Up Houses are of a unique design and are very functional, using smart principles . The plans for the construction are so [...]

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My Trip to The Lilypad


by Laura LaVoie When I posted on Facebook that I would be in Portland for 10 days one of the first people to reach out to me was Anita Flower of The Lilypad tiny house. She invited us to come see her house while we were in town. I had already fallen in love with [...]

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Tiny Cabin, 10 Acres w/ Pond

10 extremely private, wooded acres with a site prepped for building a new home and garage

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Amish Built Studio

No land just the movable buildings Amish built 10′x20′top of the line man cave

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Tiny Lake Home in CT

Bright, open lake home with 3 beaches, water views, 2 bedrooms

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