Modified Back of Semi-Truck

This tiny house started out as a 40′ semi-truck trailer. It is wired, plumbed, and insulated.

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Streeter Hill Tiny Camp Cabin

Tiny Camp Cabin on 10.54 acres of natural Vermont beauty

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300 sq.ft Tiny House in Texas

30 foot long 5th wheel tiny home; 10′ x 30′ built on existing goose neck/5th wheel frame

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Micro Mini Market

This southern style tiny house is rich in rustic charm and beautiful details.

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2012 ATC pop up Truck Camper

This is a rare 3 year old awesome All Terrain Camper (slide in) in great shape.

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Log Tiny House on Wheels

Log Sided Tiny House on Trailer, 5 years old, Fully Furnished, Set up for on grid or Off Grid

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tiny home shell built on trailer

Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) Tiny House 8′ X 20′ on trailer with tandum 5200# axles and breaks. The top of the line windows are high energy efficient real wood with painted vinyl exterior cladding from West Window. Main windows are double hung 3’0 X 3’0. End loft window is casement that is 3’0 X 30″ […]

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Keeping Content


by Steven Harrell The last few years lots and lots of folks have decided to sell all of their crap and move into a tiny house. The idea has spread like butter on a hot summer day. What many of the people who are thinking about (or are in the process of) taking the tiny […]

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Tiny House Unit 2.0 modified

My name is Ethan and I am re-listing my tiny house.

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Elm Tiny House

You’ve seen them on every news program, they’re the new movement in houses, and can be used in a variety of ways.

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Could You Really Live Off The Grid?


by Andrew Odom So much of the tiny house movement (be it as it may) revolves around life off the grid. But what does that mean? Does off the grid mean life without grid-tied electricity? Does it mean life without an address? Does it mean life without running water? Consider Nick and Esther who left […]

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Hummingbird Loft includes trailer to move it

The Hummingbird with loft and deck

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