Does A Tiny House Need A Sleeping Loft?

Loft 3

by Andrew Odom Georgian Architecture = 1-2 story, symmetrical box-shape. Minimalist Design = large, white room with a concrete floor. Artists Loft = no interior walls but support beams. Latin American Luxury = terra cotta roof tiles and stucco walls. At what point does an architectural movement become defined by a single design element? I ask [...]

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One-Room Tiny House

This is an 8 x 20 container that has been converted to an office/living space.

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“The Beaven a Box Bungalo” designed by Tumbleweed

We are offering for sale the original Box Bungalow ” The Beaven”

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Cooking For Free: the rise of the biomass stoves


by Andrew Odom Biomass stoves and cook stoves are nothing new. They are used by some 2.5 billion people worldwide in countries of varying regions and socio-economic standing. In recent years the popularity of the biomass fuel systems in American homes has grown and perhaps no more so than in the tiny house world. This [...]

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Tiny house

8 x 24 tiny house on wheels.

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24′ 2 loft tiny house on wheels

I dropped the price on my tiny house that I built and is ready for some use.

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Freedom Studio

Freedom Studio is a project in Huntsville, Texas in collaboration with a small and owner built home community.

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Tropical Cottage farmette

Located in the foothills of the Mayan mountains bordering the Mennonite community of Spanish Lookout in Belize Central America.

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11.9 ft. Yurt for Sale

I am sell my 11.9 ft yurt.

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Insulating paint for your Tiny Home


In the early stages of building our Just Right Bus, we spent a lot of time tying to figure out how to insulate our bus, a metal tub with 22 windows. During my research I came across a product by Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions (Link: called Hy-Tech Insulating Paint that we’ve found works for us [...]

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Tiny House Demo Unit

Occasionally we have demo units that have been used for trade show exhibits.

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12 Days of Tiny: Day 3 – Lyle Designs

Lyle 1

Not all tiny house are built equal and Simon Lyle’s 98 sq.ft. tiny house in Portland is proof of that. Made with custom metal features from salvaged materials, and locally milled wood, this tiny house is one-of-a-kind. Built on a sturdy 14′ single axle flat bed trailer the tiny house has that very distinct PNW feeling; [...]

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