Tiny House That Can Be Added Onto

For sale is our Tiny House that is 12×32 (384 sq. foot).

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Energy efficient shell

This 12ft x 6ft building only is for sale, and is a shell only. Complete the interior with electrical, plumbing, and finishes to suit your needs. It is currently on a trailer temporarily. Delivery can be arranged.

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Cooking in a Tiny Home


A lot of people assume that when you live in a tiny home you have to give up “normal” home luxuries, like home-cooked meals. This definitely isn’t the case for us. Despite having 25% of the space of our last kitchen and losing a few appliances, like a dishwasher and microwave, we still enjoy most [...]

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California Dream Tiny House and Land Combo

Small bedroom can be converted & used as a living room by adding chair(s) and small table or by adding a desk & used as an office space..

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Super Clean Tiny House

Super clean, this is a Slabtown customs unit and was used as a sewing shop, then converted into a tiny house where we ‘vacationed’ when we visited my parents.

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Living with an Origo 6000 Alcohol Range


Building the kitchen was my favorite project when we converted the bus. I enjoy doing most of the cooking in our home and love to explore different recipes and culinary genres so a comfortable, functional kitchen was very important to me. A key appliance that we spent a long time discussing and researching was our [...]

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Shepherds Hut

The Shepherd Hut has been around for hundreds of years, and primarily in England, but now they are available in America.

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How To Build a Tiny Log Cabin For $500


I recently stumbled upon a really cool video on YouTube of a guy that built himself a tiny log cabin in the remote bush of Northern Canada on his church’s property. He mostly built the cabin himself with a little bit of help from some youth that attend his church and with no power tools [...]

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Top 5 Things We Couldn’t Live Without


After over 2 years of living in our 120 square foot house I have had a lot of time to really consider the way we have furnished and accessorized our house. Our tiny house isn’t perfect and just like with any house there are home improvement projects in the works. But there are many things [...]

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Tiny House Converted from Barn

My husband and I purchased the tiny house from a couple who converted it from an 8′ x 16′ barn into a tiny house

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New 20ft tiny home for sale

For sale is our beautiful Tiny home.

Category : Properties

Tiny House on Wheels

We are still finishing kitchen and built- ins.

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