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Tumbleweed Tiny House on Wheels

This is a Tumbleweed Tiny House. It was built after the Fencl model following altered but original plans.

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Beautiful 18 Foot Tumbleweed Tiny Home “Elm Outlook”

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Beautiful 18 Foot Tumbleweed Tiny Home “Elm Outlook”

1 year old, RV Certified, Tumbleweed Tiny Home designed and built by Tumbleweed on an 18-foot double axle trailer.

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Below Cost! Fencl Style Tiny House – For Sale

Fencl Style Tumbleweed Tiny House

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Our Tiny Home


I’ve been writing for Tiny House Listings for some time and occasionally I will share a little insight about our specific house. However, I thought it might be nice to give our readers a slightly more extended overview. Matt and I built our own tiny home with our own hands over the course of three [...]

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Nine and a Half Week Utopia


Utopia is the new, and forever, tiny house of Gina Blanchard and Ross Grajewski’s in Aptos, California. They moved in on the last day of March 2014, so there would be no rent to pay in April. In fact this young couple in their early 30’s won’t have rent to pay again, nor a mortgage [...]

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5 Deals on Tiny House Building Workshops


Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has a good lineup of workshops they are offering around the country this year. In the workshops you will learn the essentials of what’s needed to begin your tiny house building journey. This includes the tools required and also majorly-important things like learning how to attach your tiny house to the [...]

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Tiny News Roundup: 2013 in Review

2013 was a big year for tiny houses. All year long I cataloged some of the news from around our community and shared it right here on Tiny House Listings. I thought it might be fun to take a look back and pick out the things I thought were most impactful each month. Keep in [...]

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Tiny House Built by High School Students

The 89-square-foot tiny house was built as a class project by Healdsburg High School students, under the watchful eyes of local contractors and volunteers

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Chris’s Tumbleweed Bodega House


Recently my good buddy Deek from RelaxShacks.com and his brother Dustin did a multi-state, marathon tiny house tour, touring about eight or nine tiny houses and video’ing each of them. One of those homes was a 252 square feet square feet home in Massachusetts based on the Tumbleweed Bodega offered by The Tumbleweed Tiny House [...]

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2014 Tumbleweed Workshops Announced


The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company recently announced that they will be hosting tiny house building workshops throughout the United States and in Canada for the 1st half of 2014. The workshops will give you the insight and knowledge to go forth and begin your very own tiny house building journey. You’ll learn the skills and [...]

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Tumbleweed’s Cypress Model Video Tour


Recently The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company completed a build of one of their tiny house plans, The Cypress 20 which has a footprint of 144 square feet and all of the amenities you’d typically see in a regular home, just paired down to the essentials. The loft is the largest Tumbleweed has built for a [...]

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