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Off Grid Homestead

This is a house, 10 acres, with well rights (good, deep well) On the property. The house is cinderblock/adobe/stucco, comprised of one 20′X24′ kitchen/lvingroom/bathroom and a 16′X16′ bedroom.

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WVO Ambulance Conversion

Propane range, refrigerator (AC/DC/propane), sink (foot-pump), skylight, fold-up bed.

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Selling My Yurt

Relocating and must sell my yurt home.

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Off Grid Homestead in NM

A 500 sq ft house, greenhouse and small cabin on 10 acres, with well rights (good, deep well) near the house.

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Oversized Teardrop

Unique one of a kind slightly oversized Tear Drop.

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Off Grid Tiny Home Boat Parked on Land

This boat is now a Tiny Home, off the grid. Solar panel, water catchment, outdoor wood burning stove, bamboo privacy fence, storage shed, 10×12 Amish style bunkhouse w/loft bed…

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Cursed Project: Lessons & Mixed Feelings


After about a year of thinking about it, Tiny House Ontario was treated/cursed with a brand new hand built solar furnace. There a lot of plans on line; many of these were read and videos were watched too. For the most part these on line instructions seemed to agree, once the materials were had, it [...]

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Wells Cargo Mobile Office

I am selling my Wells Cargo 6′ x 10′ trailer. It is candy apple red, and has a counter weighted drawbridge for the back ramp (this means that there is a cable assist that makes the ramp virtually weight-neutral.

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Don’t Make These Mistakes!


An astute comment by one of Tiny House Listings readers got me thinking about regrets. I am sure you know, mistakes and omissions on any job can be both expensive and time consuming; therefore, I thought I would give a couple of examples of these in the hope of alerting future tiny housers to some [...]

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Brand NEW lovingly built 8×10 Gypsy Vardo Trailer

Weve spent the past 7 months doing this custom design build… and have really pulled out all the stops on making this gorgeous dream a reality.

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Ode to the Outdoor Kitchen


Work has resumed on the flagstone patio at Tiny House Ontario. There is enough finished that a few items that have been kept in the Cloth Porch could go out there and open up the space in the porch again. A tiny revamp was in order. A few weeks back there was a tiny old [...]

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Off Grid And On 10 Acres

The one room camp has a kitchen and living room with two lofts for sleeping. Has a large firepit, new grill, and covered porch with seating area. Gas range and three gas lights…

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