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Where do you even buy a school bus?


We get a lot of funny looks when people find out we live in a converted school bus. After a moment of pause and head scratching there are usually many questions. The conversation typically goes like this: Them: “You live in a what?” Us: “A school bus, we converted it into our home.” Them: “Did [...]

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Converted 1986 Ford School Bus

I have here a 1986 Ford B-600 school bus that has been completely stripped and transformed into an awesome recreational RV.

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The New Oregon Trail Bus


by Steven Henriksen Lindsey and I are native to the Pacific Northwest, but after a job opportunity came up we decided that we would give living in Florida a shot. It seemed like a great reason to check out the other corner of the country, and we told ourselves that we could always move on [...]

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6 Amazing Alternatives to Tiny Houses


On this site, obviously, we pay an awful lot of attention to the tiny-house-on-wheels format for the definition of what makes a house tiny. Of course, not every tiny house is a Tumbleweed style home on a trailer. In fact my own home, while built with original Tumbleweed plans, is on a post and pier [...]

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Silver Bullet Converted Bus

For sale is a 10 speed, manual, 1986 Ford B-series school bus converted into a recreational vehicle!

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Veggie Powered School Bus Tiny House

This is the veggie powered school bus for you!!!

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Fully-converted, year-round bus living

This is a fully converted school bus to be a year-round livable dwelling.

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Have you ever wanted your own tour bus? Or a mobile home for the family?

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The Just Right Bus


by Kelly Ross and Christopher Childs It’s been about 8 months since we moved into our 1991 Ford Thomas school bus conversion and life is just great. We started the build hoping to find a way to save some money and along the way discovered that our new home provides us with not only financial [...]

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Living in Grace


In Portland, Oregon, January of 2013 Lisa Marie decided that she wished to take her career as a Bikram yoga teacher on the road. With an aversion to the dull beige interior of RV’s and a limited budget, she began to search for alternatives. When she stumbled on The Good News Bus website she knew [...]

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No Fuss Bus

This bus is ready for life on the road! 1987 Ford chassis school bus conversion.

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Converted 2-story Bus

Has a shower, toilet, working kitchen sink, refrig. 2 sets of bunks in the rear, upstairs bedroom, electric hot water heater, ac.

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