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Converted school bus

My husband and I have been living on our bus for almost two months, but in that time we have found out we are expecting, so we are putting her up for sale.

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School Bus Conversion

1974 Bluebird school bus conversion

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1990 School Bus (Solar) Conversion

The concept for this Class A Coach is Utilitarian, Off Grid…

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Recently-converted School Bus. One of A Kind

This one of a kind newly converted school bus has a full kitchen (gas stove, refrigerator, counter and storage space), bed, wood stove

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Converted Mini Bus

1986 Chevy C30 chassis Mini Bus (Short bus) converted to RV. Has Bathroom with cabinets

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But Where Do You Keep Your…Books and Towels?


by Kelly Ross When friends, family or strangers first hear that we live in a converted school bus we lovingly call the “Just Right Bus” they’re typically quite intrigued in the basics. Does it drive? Where do you buy a bus? Do you live in it full time? If our encounter is more than a […]

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The essential non-essentials in a tiny home


by Kelly Ross When we were paring down our belongings before moving into our 200 square foot converted school bus, The Just Right Bus (, most of the items we chose to bring were held to high standards of functionality and space efficiency. We had to pay close attention to the things we actually used […]

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Where do you even buy a school bus?


We get a lot of funny looks when people find out we live in a converted school bus. After a moment of pause and head scratching there are usually many questions. The conversation typically goes like this: Them: “You live in a what?” Us: “A school bus, we converted it into our home.” Them: “Did […]

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Converted 1986 Ford School Bus

I have here a 1986 Ford B-600 school bus that has been completely stripped and transformed into an awesome recreational RV.

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Short shuttle school bus conversion

1991 short shuttle school bus- gas powered 67,000 miles automatic Tiny house bus Partial conversion has started on the inside. There is a space for a bed, good storage, table/desk area, extra swiveling captain seat that can face fwd or the living area, cushioned bench seat that opens also for storage. We have lived in […]

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The New Oregon Trail Bus


by Steven Henriksen Lindsey and I are native to the Pacific Northwest, but after a job opportunity came up we decided that we would give living in Florida a shot. It seemed like a great reason to check out the other corner of the country, and we told ourselves that we could always move on […]

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Must See School Bus Camper

I have a 2002 freightliner Thomas school bus camper conversion.

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