Charming tiny house for sale

Recently built tiny house on a new 8×16 dual axle trailer.

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This new model of Thom Thumb Homes, MiCasita, sleeps up to four off the floor with a loft bed and convertible sofa

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Certified RV, Keep Taxes Down

Certified RV- will not ding your property tax.

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Preparing For Winter With Your Tiny House Heater

Sardine Stove

This winter is going to be cold. And perhaps cold is not even a strong enough word. “With its traditionally 80 percent–accurate weather forecasts, The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts that this winter will be another arctic blast with above-normal snowfall throughout much of the nation.”1 Those endearing notions of warm, snuggly nights with hot cocoa and knitted socks [...]

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Lake Cabin

Charming cabin on Lake Corpus Christi also known as Mathis Lake.

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1993 Converted Bus

I have a 1993 International short prison bus that has been partially converted into an RV.

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Lil’ Lodge

Lil’ Lodge Park Model RV, 400 square foot and loft.

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eFAB House: Unique 10×14 room ready to go!

This brand new tiny structure is digitally fabricated by eFab Local.

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The Inaugural

A beautiful 8′x20′ house on a trailer. Vinyl cedar shake siding, two huge skylights, metal roof, 8′x9′ sleeping loft (big enough for a king-sized mattress), bamboo floors

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Traveling and the Tiny House


Yesterday, Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life made an announcement on his blog. Just after finishing and moving into his tiny home he is packing his bags and leaving for two and a half months in Croatia. In the video Ryan shares that this is something he’s always wanted to do and points out how [...]

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Urban Cottage in Anaheim

Tiny House built in 1949, close to Disneyland.

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Converted 1986 Ford School Bus

I have here a 1986 Ford B-600 school bus that has been completely stripped and transformed into an awesome recreational RV.

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