20′ Pacific Yurt For Sale in Southern Oregon

For Sale: 20′ Pacific Yurt

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Little House on the Joseph, Oregon Prarie

This little house is only 3 years old and has a 200 sq. ft apartment next door to allow your guests

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Park Model in the Oregon Dunes PLUS 10×20 stickbuilt shop and 10×14 shed

This modern 1 bedroom Park Model is in excellent condition and has a cute pitched roof, vaulted ceilings, bay windows, and loft.

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Now Building Roulettes In The United States


by Kees Hoekstra We design, build and sell dutch style 1950′s gypsy caravans since 1996 and so far we build 80 caravans. It started as a hobby (of course) and after we restored our first caravan people started asking if it was for sale, rent etc. It soon showed that there weren’t enough old caravans [...]

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Shelter Wise


Shelter Wise LLC is a tiny house builder located in Portland, Oregon. Co-owners Audra and Derin Williams started the company because of their passion for energy and space efficient living. They are joined by project manager and efficiency expert Ben Brower. Not only do they build tiny houses, but they can also help other home [...]

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20 acre retreat plus ranch house near Bend, OR

We’ve sold two similar properties and this one is available

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Tiny House On Wheels

Designed and built in Portland, OR.

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Don’t Make These Mistakes!


An astute comment by one of Tiny House Listings readers got me thinking about regrets. I am sure you know, mistakes and omissions on any job can be both expensive and time consuming; therefore, I thought I would give a couple of examples of these in the hope of alerting future tiny housers to some [...]

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Cooking With Free Fuel, The Silverfire Super Dragon


Awhile back I purchased The Silverfire Super Dragon cookstove from a Oregon-based company called Silverfire. The stove allows you to cook with bio fuel such as leaves, twigs, sticks and anything else that is dry and from plants or trees. Bio stoves are nothing new, they have been around for quiet awhile. What makes this [...]

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20 acre ranch property

20 acre ranch property for sale

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Converted School Bus For Sale

I am selling my MAGIC bus, which is in great condition.

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24′ Pacific Dome For Sale

24 foot diameter geodesic dome made by Pacific Domes in Ashland, Oregon for sale ($9900 Or Best Offer) This dome is currently set up in Duvall, Washington. Specifiications : Canvas has been painted with multiple coats of Thermoshield paint Beige in color. (The Thermoshield paint increases the life of the canvas indefinitely according to Pacific [...]

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