Introducing A Classifieds Site For The Tiny House Community


For years now I have been receiving emails all the time, daily in fact that are something like the following: “I was going to build a tiny house but my circumstances have changed. Now I have a tiny house trailer in my yard. Do you know of anyone that needs a tiny house trailer in […]

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Simple Living With Water Front Property

Looking for water front property in Bend, Oregon, this home is located in Three Rivers South just minutes from Sunriver, High Cascade Lake and Mt Bachelor.

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100 sq ft designed/built with high school students

This tiny home is the product of a year-long design and construction youth program called Studio H in Berkeley, CA.

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Tiny House Conference Recap


by Laura LaVoie I’ve been saying it a lot these last two weeks when people ask me to describe my experience. Arriving at the 2015 Tiny House Conference was a homecoming. The tiny house community extends to all four corners of the globe and when some of us are able to come together we feel […]

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Cabin plus 80 acres

This is a tiny house on an 80 acre ranch.

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Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary


by Laura LaVoie Right now, tiny house reality shows are dominating the airwaves and conversations. I can’t really go anywhere without someone asking me if I’ve seen one or more of them. Or, sometimes, they ask if I’ve been on one. When I say “no” they want to know “Why not?” Last year I was […]

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Park Your Tiny House On This 3,00 Acre Ranch In Oregon


Peter has opened his 3,000 acre organic cattle ranch to tiny house dwellers who would like to live close to nature. This opportunity is unique in that not only do you get tons of privacy (1/8 mile away from your closest tiny house neighbor) but there is also clean water available from natural springs as […]

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Tiny Cabin on 10 Acres

15×15 Cabin on 10 acres.

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Beloved Beauty Blue Bird Bus

We are selling our Beloved Beauty Blue Bird Bus.

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12 Days of Tiny: Day 1 – Heirloom Tiny Homes


heir·loom /ˈerlo͞om/ noun a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations. NORTH AMERICAN denoting a traditional variety of plant or breed of animal that is not associated with large-scale commercial agriculture. What an appropriate name for an up and coming tiny house build team and company from Oregon with such a […]

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Used 20′ Yurt For Sale

7 year old yurt, in good condition.

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Cutie Wagon

This latest creation is a real cutey.

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