Beloved Beauty Blue Bird Bus

We are selling our Beloved Beauty Blue Bird Bus.

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12 Days of Tiny: Day 1 – Heirloom Tiny Homes


heir·loom /ˈerlo͞om/ noun a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations. NORTH AMERICAN denoting a traditional variety of plant or breed of animal that is not associated with large-scale commercial agriculture. What an appropriate name for an up and coming tiny house build team and company from Oregon with such a [...]

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Used 20′ Yurt For Sale

7 year old yurt, in good condition.

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Cutie Wagon

This latest creation is a real cutey.

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40′ container home

8′ x 40′

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The New Oregon Trail Bus


by Steven Henriksen Lindsey and I are native to the Pacific Northwest, but after a job opportunity came up we decided that we would give living in Florida a shot. It seemed like a great reason to check out the other corner of the country, and we told ourselves that we could always move on [...]

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Ready to Move

One room with loft and ladder. Has electric with fan in ceiling. No water.

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Classic / Famous House

This is my 1948 International LAND YACHT

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Dragonfly Teahouse

The Dragonfly Teahouse was built to last for generations and constructed with a conservation ethic.

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16′ Pacific Yurt

We bought this yurt from the original owner who shipped it over from LA

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Living in Grace


In Portland, Oregon, January of 2013 Lisa Marie decided that she wished to take her career as a Bikram yoga teacher on the road. With an aversion to the dull beige interior of RV’s and a limited budget, she began to search for alternatives. When she stumbled on The Good News Bus website she knew [...]

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Gypsy Camper Dream Home FOR SALE!

I’ve been a custom furniture builder for over 15 years and I started to become unfulfilled in just creating high-end furniture.

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