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Mini farm in gated christian community.

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Colorado Tiny House on Trailer

Colorado tiny house on 6×10 trailer.

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This woolywagon(tm) has all aluminim framing, is insulated, with electric pkg.

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Tiny House Appliances


Our tiny house was built to be as off the grid as possible. This means we do a lot of household chores the “old fashioned” way. However, every tiny house experience is different and for those who want more modern conveniences there are some choices you can make. Here is a look at tiny house [...]

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Shockingly Simple Electrical


I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life over the last few years. He was the first person to showcase my own tiny house project online and has become a very close friend – one of many in the tiny house community. It is always great to have friends [...]

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How to Know What You Want in Your Tiny House


As a tiny house dweller and blogger I frequently am asked about how to get started with the building and simplifying process. The perceived flaws of my tiny house are also pointed out to me on a regular basis. I hate the ladder, a first floor bed would be better. You don’t have plumbing? How [...]

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Off Grid, Orchard, Garden, 13 Acres

13.6 Acre parcel off the grid. Pwr close/phone property line.

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Tiny House Built by High School Students

The 89-square-foot tiny house was built as a class project by Healdsburg High School students, under the watchful eyes of local contractors and volunteers

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A Tiny House Holiday Feast


Holiday dinners are a hallmark of the season. So many people have so many different traditions and I love sharing a meal with people I love. Since Matt and I live in a tiny house off the grid with a purposefully scaled back kitchen our holiday meals need to be easy to prepare. Our tradition [...]

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Our Nomadic Winter


One of the most controversial subjects when it comes to our tiny house seems to be that we don’t live in it 100% of the time. Specifically, we leave it for a little while in the winter. Luckily winter in the south is pretty short and mild so we don’t have to leave it for [...]

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Small Off Grid Home on 19+ Acres

Unmatched views of the Peaks and the Painted Desert. All on 20 acres with lots of Juniper trees.

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Off Grid Tiny Home Boat Parked on Land

This boat is now a Tiny Home, off the grid. Solar panel, water catchment, outdoor wood burning stove, bamboo privacy fence, storage shed, 10×12 Amish style bunkhouse w/loft bed…

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