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Tiny Houses in The Tropics


by Darin Smith Where you are free to live the simple life once again. I’m writing you to tell you why we chose Belize for our tiny house community. We fully believe in unchaining ourselves from the McMansion movement but we want the permanence of a real home without wheels and stable sustainable community. We [...]

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Tiny House Cabin on 2.5 Acres

Own a tiny cabin and your own land for the price of a “Tiny House”.

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Super affordable tiny house

This Tiny House on wheels is for sale. It is perfect for off the grid living, temporary living while you build your own home or extra living space in the front or back yard for crowded homes.

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Movable off grid homes

3 off the grid homes on wheels, each 8′x20 fully furnished with two double beds and cushioned seats for additional sleeping.

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My Tiny Off Grid Desert Cabin


by Andrew Cox Hey There, Welcome to life inside 171 sq ft! I wanted to tell you about my little cabin because I haven’t seen anything exactly like it before. I built my cabin with an “off-the-grid meets zombie apocalypse” mind-set. It’s in the high-desert where temperatures range from -10 to +120 Fahrenheit so the [...]

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Tiny Solar Cabin w/ Sleeping Loft

I have an 8×10 cabin for sale. This cabin was built two years ago

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Small Off Grid Cabin with Land

Ready to use off the grid camp in Winona Forest.

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Mini farm in gated christian community.

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Colorado Tiny House on Trailer

Colorado tiny house on 6×10 trailer.

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This woolywagon(tm) has all aluminim framing, is insulated, with electric pkg.

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Tiny House Appliances


Our tiny house was built to be as off the grid as possible. This means we do a lot of household chores the “old fashioned” way. However, every tiny house experience is different and for those who want more modern conveniences there are some choices you can make. Here is a look at tiny house [...]

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Shockingly Simple Electrical


I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life over the last few years. He was the first person to showcase my own tiny house project online and has become a very close friend – one of many in the tiny house community. It is always great to have friends [...]

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