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Tiny House “Gypsy Sol” Studio

Tiny House “Gypsy Sol” studio for sale.

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Prototype Tiny House

THC’ prototype/model home is on the chopping block.

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Mountaintop Cabin w/ Guest Cabin

Beautiful 5 acre mountain top cabin.

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High End, Solar Electric Fencl

Tiny does not have to be ordinary.

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Why Do You Want a Tiny House?


by Laura LaVoie Through my blog I get a lot of questions about why I did things the way I did when it came to building my tiny house. Often people suggest that I should have built something bigger. I find this strange since I built a tiny home and building something bigger would have, [...]

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Fencl tiny tumbleweed house for sale

Our home was professionally built, and we love it!

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Questions and Objections


When you’re in the public eye you tend to hear a lot of negative things from well-intentioned strangers about the decision you’ve made. We’ve heard a lot of objections to our lifestyle and I think it is better to address those head on than just let them fester. Here are some of the things people [...]

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Off Grid on Acreage

Check out this amazing “off the grid” camp on 11.27 acres of land.

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Movable off grid homes

3 off the grid homes on wheels, each 8′x20 fully furnished with two double beds and cushioned seats for additional sleeping.

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Tiny Houses in The Tropics


by Darin Smith Where you are free to live the simple life once again. I’m writing you to tell you why we chose Belize for our tiny house community. We fully believe in unchaining ourselves from the McMansion movement but we want the permanence of a real home without wheels and stable sustainable community. We [...]

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Tiny House Cabin on 2.5 Acres

Own a tiny cabin and your own land for the price of a “Tiny House”.

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Super affordable tiny house

This Tiny House on wheels is for sale. It is perfect for off the grid living, temporary living while you build your own home or extra living space in the front or back yard for crowded homes.

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