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Tiny, elegant retreat cabin on 5.3 forest acres in SW NM

Tiny but elegant off-grid cabin + bathhouse on 5.3 wooded acres with Gila National Forest at back gate.

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Shibui Woodworking Tiny House Build

One of a kind tiny house trailer shell available for sale as is, or I can custom finish to your exact needs and specifications.

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Tiny House – Your Home on Wheels!

This partial-built tiny house is the perfect address for the adventure enthusiast, traveller, guest cottage, air bnb, or temporary housing solution. This tiny house could be finished to be 100% off the grid, and completely mobile for your convenience. The brand-new 8×16, dual-axle, Iron Eagle trailer is rated for 10k lbs. and has 12 pts [...]

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2012 ATC pop up Truck Camper

This is a rare 3 year old awesome All Terrain Camper (slide in) in great shape.

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Tumbleweed Tiny Cottage on Wheels

Beautifully crafted by an experienced architect and boat builder, this Tumbleweed Lusby house is brand new and needs a new place to live!

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Could You Really Live Off The Grid?


by Andrew Odom So much of the tiny house movement (be it as it may) revolves around life off the grid. But what does that mean? Does off the grid mean life without grid-tied electricity? Does it mean life without an address? Does it mean life without running water? Consider Nick and Esther who left [...]

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Prototype Tiny House

THC’ prototype/model home is on the chopping block.

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Mountaintop Cabin w/ Guest Cabin

Beautiful 5 acre mountain top cabin.

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High End, Solar Electric Fencl

Tiny does not have to be ordinary.

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Why Do You Want a Tiny House?


by Laura LaVoie Through my blog I get a lot of questions about why I did things the way I did when it came to building my tiny house. Often people suggest that I should have built something bigger. I find this strange since I built a tiny home and building something bigger would have, [...]

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Fencl tiny tumbleweed house for sale

Our home was professionally built, and we love it!

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Questions and Objections


When you’re in the public eye you tend to hear a lot of negative things from well-intentioned strangers about the decision you’ve made. We’ve heard a lot of objections to our lifestyle and I think it is better to address those head on than just let them fester. Here are some of the things people [...]

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