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Tiny House Shell For Sale

Affordable tiny house shell. Lots of the hard work has already been done.

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The Miter Box

Designed to be one of the first modern, energy efficiency focused Tiny Houses.

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Guillaume’s Work Begins


Things are looking both new and hot at Tiny House Ontario. There is a lot going on there despite my having not been there much. Unable to use the house this year because of my illness and recovery, I have loaned THO to my friend Guillaume. He recently had an absolutely gorgeous custom trailer built [...]

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Cedar House on Wheels

8′x16′ cedar house on wheels,large loft, walls and ceiling insulated

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Professionally Built Tiny House

10×22′ (25feet long with roof overhang) 13′ tall 2 year old Tiny house on wheels all professionally done.

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Lofted Tiny House With Skylight

120 square foot house on wheels.

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Small Home. Big Life eCourse


by Andrew Odom As the tiny house community grows so do the options to learn about the mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, budget, and physical steps of constructing a tiny house on wheels or a small house in general. Between in-person workshops, hands-on boot camps, lecture series, online courses, and the like, no matter where you [...]

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23′ Tiny House on wheels

Tiny house on wheels for sale. 23′ long.

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23′ Tiny house on wheels

Tiny house on wheels for sale. 23′ long. Standing seam metal roof.

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Tiny House on Wheels in Durango, CO

This newly completed tiny house on wheels features a contemporary design with clean lines and a simple yet functional layout.

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2014 Cedar house on wheels

For sale is a 2014 Tiny house, titled as a special construction trailer.

Category : Blog &Properties

Tiny House That Needs Finishing

Very cool custom made project needs to be finished. Tiny House, barn, studio, rental cabin on wheels.

Category : Blog &Properties

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