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Brand New, Top of The Line Tiny House

BRAND NEW! 24ft x 8.5ft Tiny house on wheels.

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Tiny house

8 x 24 tiny house on wheels.

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24′ 2 loft tiny house on wheels

I dropped the price on my tiny house that I built and is ready for some use.

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Tiny House in Progress

Have you dreamed of building your own tiny house on wheels (THOW) but can’t imagine where to start?

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Tiny House Shell For Sale

Affordable tiny house shell. Lots of the hard work has already been done.

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F-250 House-on-a-truck – “Horace T. Bogwater”

This tiny house on wheels is a very unique vehicle/living space! Built on the back of a 1991 F-250

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Gypsy Wagon Cottage

Tiny house, gypsy wagon, meditation room, beach house, rental, guest house.

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All season tiny house on wheels

Tiny cabin on wheels for sale. 8′ wide x 15′ long (18′ long including porch).

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Tiny House on Wheels with Gabled Roof/Dormers

This is a tiny house on wheels. It is 7 ft. wide and 16.5 ft. long.

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Tiny House on Wheels

We are still finishing kitchen and built- ins.

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The Miter Box

Designed to be one of the first modern, energy efficiency focused Tiny Houses.

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Guillaume’s Work Begins


Things are looking both new and hot at Tiny House Ontario. There is a lot going on there despite my having not been there much. Unable to use the house this year because of my illness and recovery, I have loaned THO to my friend Guillaume. He recently had an absolutely gorgeous custom trailer built [...]

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