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Simple Tiny House On Wheels To Be Finished

This little trailer measures about 10′ x 24’…

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Tiny Unfinished Home On Wheels

This little trailer measures about 12′ x 24′ and has approx. 230sq. ft. inside with a 2 5/16 in. ball hitch. It can be towed with a half ton truck or larger.

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5 Video Tips On Saving Tiny House Money From Deek


Deek from over at RelaxShacks.com is really good at cutting costs when building one of his micro homes, garden sheds, cabins or “humble homes.” Deek put together a video lineup of money-saving how-to videos to share with you to consider before walking into Home Depot and paying retail price for building supplies. I’ll pass it […]

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Tiny Home Built to Last a Lifetime

Tiny home on wheels for sale! Specs: * Heavy-duty 8×16′ trailer with square tubing, 6″ tongue and new tires/wheels. * Interior 8’x12.5′, exterior porch 8’x3′ * 2×4 framing with 3″ screwed and glued sheathing * Cedar siding * Industrial metal roofing (not the cheap stuff you get at Home Depot) * Low-E ThermaStar by Pella […]

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Home Depot Tiny Houses


There is a Home Depot near my house that I pass when I’m out running errands. Awhile back I noticed some garages on display in their parking lot. One in particular caught my eye so I dropped by to take a closer look. While checking it out an elderly gentlemen mentioned to me that he […]

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