“Sweet Pea” by Affordable Floating Homes

Mike Auderer of Olympia, Washington recently launched a new business that is geared around building small, modern floating houses that are affordable enough to be a potential house for most people. Recently, I featured his first build “Sweet Pea” on Tiny House Swoon and it got excellent feedback.

Sweet Pea has two stories with the sleeping area being upstairs. The exterior of the home is wrapped with sheets of Hardi cement board to protect it from the wear and tear of salt water. The hull is made of fiberglass and according to Mike “with proper maintenance it will give the owner many years of trouble free service.”

Mike built and launched his floating house in the boatyard of the marina it now resides.

The interior is modern and has all the amenities of a small home that sits on land.

You can view more photos, learn more about the boat and get a quote on having Mike build you a floating home by visiting the Affordable Floating Homes Facebook page here.

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11 Comments → ““Sweet Pea” by Affordable Floating Homes”

  1. Melinda Golden

    Jun 08, 2012

    I am intrigued! I love the two level design. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit on the deck and watch the sun set on the water?

  2. I want one that doesn’t float!


  3. Sarah

    Jun 08, 2012



  4. Lisa

    Jun 09, 2012

    Be still my pounding heart! I LOVE houseboats and this only fans the flames!


  5. Paul

    Jun 09, 2012

    Liking that a lot!


  6. Mark

    Jun 10, 2012

    That Sweet Pea is Sweet!

  7. Love this, now that I could be happy in!


  8. Pete Shearer

    Feb 18, 2013

    Mike, I am curious to know what the floation device is on your floating home. I would really like to have one of these on Floridas West coast in very salty water. I have seen what that can do to the part of a floating home that is in the water. Barnicales and oysters growing big enough to eat. The cost of regularly removing them is considerable. I have a friend in Apalachiacola who has that problem.

    Good luck to you with your new ventur,

    Pete Shearer
    North Wales, Pennsylvania


  9. Pete Shearer

    Feb 18, 2013

    Can’t seem to get this to go through………


  10. Jack Irvin

    Sep 04, 2013

    I would like to consider being a dealer or distributer, do you have any type of program in place yet. We have 165 docks and 156 docks in two locations.


  11. Jon Eversmeyer

    Jul 12, 2014

    In the press article, it says your houseboat is “certified”. What is considered certified and by whom is the end article certified.

    Jon Eversmeyer


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