By Robin Falck

A couple years back in 2009 I got this idea of an cabin/small house that would be small enough to be built without the need of a permit. In Finland it’s 96-128 sq. ft. (depending on where you are). So I started daydreaming about different possibilities and didn’t really believe that I would one day actually build it.

Well, a year later, suddenly, after almost forgetting the whole idea I got obsessed and set out to actually design it. Probably a combination of the fact that my military service was approaching and after sketching and calculating it seemed so possible.

Winter of 2009/2010 I spent designing and planning the house. I contacted a couple of architects that were really kind to help out with some of the more technical stuff.

Then came summer and the construction began. I had already chosen the place and had it in mind when designing the cabin. On june the 5th I started and 2 weeks later the only thing missing where the window and door which arrived a couple weeks later.

Shortly after that my military service started and ended one year I got to fully enjoy my cabin!

It is 96 sq. ft. and has a 50 sq. ft. loft where I have my bed and store my clothes. I call my house “Nido” which loosely translated into Italian means “Birds nest.” The house sits on the lakeshore and views of the lake can be seen from both the bottom floor and the loft.

The bottom floor is pretty much a lounge/living room where I lay back and enjoy the starlight along with some smooth jazz. The house is designed to maximize the allowed 96 sq. ft., acoustics and to bring in as much as possible of the natural light and nature during the night as during the day.

I was surprised how affordable the whole project was. Most of the materials are recycled and I haven’t really calculated how much it finally cost, but the ballpark figure is something like $10,500 + the man hours.

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  1. Hi Robin,

    Would you ever be willing to share the plans for your cabin?
    It’s a huge inspiration for me going through the process of designing my own small space and I’d love to know further details.


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  3. I love this house and have looked at it many, many times over the last two years. I’d love to see more of the inside, specifically how the stairs to the loft work. Thanks.

  4. Me again. Is there a bathroom and kitchenette in this tiny place? Thanks.

  5. It says there is but I can find no photos.

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