Raise The Roof! Tiny House How-To Videos

Dan Louche from Tiny Home Builders recently shared with me (and I then shared with you) that throughout the complete process of building his 3rd tiny house (based on his “Tinier Living” plans), he has been videoing and explaining the entire process through his tiny house construction videos. The videos walk viewers through building a tiny house in small, easy to understand videos that tackle each hurdle there is to building a tiny house.

Dan recently installed the metal roof on his instructional tiny house and he did a quick video overview to share with you.

If you’re interested in building a tiny house and would like to get access to all of the videos, you can get all the info you need here.

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2 Comments → “Raise The Roof! Tiny House How-To Videos”

  1. Avril Brown

    Oct 23, 2012

    This is my favorite of Dan’s homes so far! I love this house!


  2. Donna Keech

    May 08, 2013

    Seems a waste of time to look at pictures of the outsides, I’d rather see interior pictures of each one.


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