Rainman Camp Shower

Recently the “Like A Rolling Home” tiny house was featured on the Tiny House Swoon website and a small stainless steel showering device in the shower caught my eye.

After digging around a little I learned that it’s called The Rainman Camper Shower and supposedly does a good job of getting your dirty body clean. The 3-gallon capacity is enough for two people to have a 5-minute hot shower depending on the flow rate that you select. What’s also great is that the water can be heated several ways including by gas, campfire (by sitting it next to it) and best of all, by placing it in the sun for free hot water.

The Rainman Camp Shower in The Like A Rolling Stone Tiny House.

At $349 the little shower is pricey, but with its claimed long shelf life, it may be a solid showering solution for a device that will most likely be used daily. You can learn more about The Rainman Camp Shower here.

Interested in a similar, but more budget-friendly shower solution? Check it out here.

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3 Comments → “Rainman Camp Shower”

  1. P N

    Oct 11, 2013

    Check out Zodi showers.


  2. Douglas Woods

    Oct 12, 2013

    Or…. you can buy a 5 Gal sprayer (new, not used to avoid contamination) for less than $100 and attached a hand held sprayer nozzle on it. If you use the sprayer nozzle from a kitchen sink you have hand control and good enough spray.
    Or… same idea and just attached PVC or even copper pipe with attachements.


  3. Kendrick

    Jan 31, 2014

    Absolutely love all of these steam showers


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