Off grid 2 bedroom turnkey home!

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Price: $11000 Address: Ashland blvd
Type: Sale City: Ashland
Bedrooms: 2 State: Oregon
Bathrooms: 1 Country: USA
Size: 260 Sq. Ft. Postal Code: 97520
Times viewed: 37,274 views Contact Lister

Property Description

Here is a video of this tiny house on YouTube

$11000 price is with solar power system with 300 amp hrs of battery storage, all kitchen apliances with a juicer! but none of the other accessories…

This tiny house requires at least a 3/4 ton truck to pull it…

Or $15000 with all accesories…
This tiny house is built with 4 passive solar sun roofs for heating and natural lighting. Inside is LED lighting. It is 8ftx32ft and is built out of reclaimed redwood and cottonwood 2×2 framing with everything screwed together and fully insulated with 2 inch r-20 insulation.
It has solar and wind power with 240 watts of PV panels and a air x 400 watt wind generator connected to 600 amp hrs of gel batteries stored outside. There is a 1200 watt inverter and a ac to dc charger. It has a. Breaker box for plugging into the grid with ac plugs all over and one main plug for the off grid power.
It has two bedrooms or 6 bunks of which one lofted bunk is a queen or removable.
There is a air conditioner and a propane instant hot water heater which is plumed for a claw foot tub outside.
It is heated in the winter by a wood stove that can go inside or outside, it has a blower to blow hot air in if its outside.
It has a electric/propane refrigerator and a small electric one.
It has a propane 4 burner stove with oven.
It is built with a nice 20 ft frame on the outside for building an additional deck or room where the stove is outside the front door.
This is a very custom tiny house built extra high on the trailer so it can be taken off road where most tiny homes can’t go so you can really get off grid.

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Listing Details :
Listed on : 16/10/2013
Property Id : #28152

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Additional Features

Hundreds of feet of very nice hose for drinking water and passive solar hot water heating
Over 100ft of 10 gauge locking outdoor electric cords.
98 gallon water tank that fits inside or outside
65 gallon outside water tank
200 + gallons of propane tanks
12 v gel Batteries can be charged by your truck if its not windy or sunny in the winter.
50v plug for connecting to your truck alternator to charge while driving.
Grey water and black water holding tanks with heaters for winter...

Property Map

Location : Ashland blvd,Ashland,Oregon,USA,97520

2 Comments → “Off grid 2 bedroom turnkey home!”

  1. M. Brad Speer.

    Oct 19, 2013

    I lived next to the hosp. in 79-80. And I spent summers there from 70. What I’d like to know is what the surrounding property is like, I.E. Commercial, Horse, Etc. I have not been in Ore. for twenty plus years, but still have friends there, and some in A.C.T. I would greatly appreciate any and all information you could send, as I am interested in finding a semi-retirement locale. Thank you.


  2. Scott Warner

    Nov 18, 2013

    Hi Jesse,
    I’m closing on my home sale in MA on the 26th and moving my family So Cal, arriving early December. I’m very interested in this home to bug out to and hope to up to see it and buy it if checks out by the middle of December. Don’t give it away! Call me on 203-727-3112 to chat when you have minute and thanks! Scott


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