Now you can post listings for tiny house parking

If you own a tiny house or are planning to build one in the near future, you can now post a Parking Wanted listing on Tiny House Listings!

If you are a tiny house enthusiast with some extra land in your back yard or elsewhere and would like to earn some extra cash, have some extra help around the house, a caretaker situation, etc, then you can now post a Parking Available listing!

Post a new parking ad by clicking on the big red “Post Your Listing” button at the top or by clicking here.

Browse through current parking ads by clicking the link “Tiny House Parking” or by clicking here.

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5 Comments → “Now you can post listings for tiny house parking”

  1. Amy Turnbull

    Oct 23, 2011

    Wonder what the legal implication of squatting in someone’s back yard are? Zoning can be restrictive in most areas–even for 100 square feet. Prepare to live on the down-low!


  2. Amy Turnbull

    Oct 23, 2011

    This is so exciting! It’s a win win for land owners and tiny house owners. “Living on the down low” is probably in order in metropolitan areas but I suppose that’s less of a problem in more isolated areas. What I like about the arrangement is that it gives tiny house owners the ability to simplify but still live in a quality home–just a really small one! And even better, there’s no mortgage and no commitment. If you want to live somewhere else, well, then, just drive somewhere else! Of course, for land owners, it’s a way to defray THEIR mortgage costs. Other arrangements might be in order, for example, trading labor for what is, essentially, board. And, finally, tiny houses won’t contribute to urban sprawl because they sit on land already developed! Woot!


  3. jesse styles

    Oct 31, 2012

    whats the cost?


    • Steven

      Nov 06, 2012

      It’s free. Well, one penny to prevent folks from spamming the site. If you’re a business that builds small homes or tiny houses, the price (as of the time of writing this comment) is $100. Thanks.


  4. Osvaldo

    Jun 22, 2013

    I totally agree with your idea of a tiny house communities.
    I am owner of two properties one in Lake arrowhead size 3,700 sq and other property in town of Beryl, Utah 45,000 sq size and I would like if someone would be interested in forming a tiny house communities would help many people who are homeless or are losing their homes today.
    If you have information of people interested I am available to my properties, for those who want to form communities.




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