Professionally Built Tiny House ***NOW WITH INTERIOR PICTURES*** By Dakota Tiny Houses

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Price: $74999 Address: 2451 S. 600 W. Suite 400
Type: Sale City: Salt Lake City
Bedrooms: 1 State: UT
Bathrooms: 1 Country: usa
Size: 200 sqft. plus porch Sq. Ft. Postal Code: 84115
Times viewed: 28,855 views Contact Lister

Property Description

We just got the interior done on our tiny house and we’re ready to show it off. She is just amazing. Everything you ever wanted in an RV but looks and feels like a house. are scaled versions of regular houses, on (2) 7,000 LBS axles. These units are professionally made following proper building codes ANSI A119.5 and NFPA 1192 with “Building Inspections” at every stage. Dakota Tiny Houses are by far the best value with superior craftsmanship among other tiny house builders.

“Don’t be fooled by the DIY’ers building them in their back yards”

These houses are basically RV’s with all the comforts of home. These houses can be moved without any special “oversized” highway permits. And can be pulled by any 3/4 ton or larger truck.

These trailers were designed by an architect and an engineer to withstand 3 foot snow load, 200 pounds of solar, and be driven down the freeway at 65-70 mph and withstand a 50 mph crosswind. They are built with metal studs and heavily insulated. These tiny houses are rated for the coldest Canadian climate (climate 7 & 8). These tiny houses can be used in remote wilderness (independent) for 30-60 days “Off-Grid” or they can be used as a “Park Model” at any RV Park. These tiny houses have been specifically designed to withstand the harsh winter climate (-50F) that comes along with drilling for oil in North Dakota in the winter time. Dakota Tiny houses are also well insulated for the summer time heat. So basically it works well in hot climates like Texas or cold climates like North Dakota.

Do you like “Off-Grid? These houses can go for 30-60 days “Off-Grid”

Here are a list of other features that come with each Dakota Tiny House:
•Super Insulated (R-52 ceiling, R-41 floor, R-22 walls) (withstand -30F climate)
•Ultra Portable (20 min pick up and move time)
•9′ vaulted ceilings
•HRV (heat recovery ventilator) keeps the humidity down to 30-40% relative humidity
•Independent with 100 Gallon Grey and Fresh water holding tanks, 50 gallon Black
•1180 watts of solar panels with 1600W Pure Sine wave Inverter/Charger, charge controller and monitor
•1 Queen bed (main level sleeping, turned either way)
•Full-Sized bath (36″ shower, toilet, sink)
•Full kitchen
•Desk area with (2) leather barstools
•Custom “Jack Knife” leather couch (sleeps 2)
•Radiant floor heating
•Tankless “On-Demand” water heater
•50″ Flat screen TV (360 wall mount)
•Full kitchen with IKEA cabinets
•Corian Countertops with undermount stainless steel sink
•Walnut flooring (water-proof, vinyl)
•17″ propane stove and oven (3 burner)
•12v Range hood
•1000 watt microwave
•Tall food pantry
•Washer and dryer (single unit)
•8,000 BTU air conditioner
•3ft Deck/Patio with handrails and aluminum stairs
•45 year metal roofing
•50 year engineered cedar siding
•High quality commercial exterior paint
•Energy Efficient windows Low-E with Argon gas
•32″ Steel front entry door (insulation)
•(2) ceiling fans keeps nice air movement
•Placed upon 30′ heavy duty flat bed trailer (2 – 7,000 lbs axles)
•Meets all DOT regulations No Permits Necessary (every state) for height, width, and length restrictions. (13.5 Height, 8.5 Width, 30′ Length)
•Can be towed with a diesel dually truck with tow package (2 5/16 trailer hitch)
•Enjoy your house where ever your job site moves. You can move with it

If you would like more information on these Dakota Tiny Houses, please call 801-718-0281 (Serious buyers only).

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Listed on : 13/07/2013
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Location : 2451 S. 600 W. Suite 400,Salt Lake City,UT,usa,84115

19 Comments → “Professionally Built Tiny House ***NOW WITH INTERIOR PICTURES*** By Dakota Tiny Houses”

  1. Kevin Fin

    Jul 14, 2013

    “Don’t be fooled by the DIY’ers building them in their back yards” — Interesting comment. Why? Because as beautiful as your design and build is, there is one CRITICAL thing you did not consider. But you or one of your customers will after towing and living in one of these for a couple of years.

    But hey, great bathroom design!



    • Kelley Chambers

      Jul 14, 2013

      I was a little put off by that statement, too… as I’ll soon be one of those “DIYers” they’re referring to. That said, I’m curious what the one critical thing they didn’t do? I’d love to learn from you.

      I also agree with the great bathroom design but damn, I’d be closterphobic in there! WAAAAAAYYYYYY too much furniture and “stuff”. Though I did like the “all in one” W/D implementation & steroidal A/C unit. That’s stuff I’ll have to have, too.


    • Daniel Rock

      Jul 15, 2013

      Hi Kevin and Kelley,
      I’m only referring to if you are going to build and sell to other people. It’s very dangerous to be a “DIY’er” and think you can just go out an sell them. I’ve got a general contractors license, manufacturing license, manufacturing facility, insurances, I follow RV code, Park Model code, and IBC code, I use only licensed subcontractors, and I get building inspections on each trailer.

      If you doing it for your self, more power to you. Its definitely a feat, but if you’re up to the challenge go for it. But if you want to sell to other people if a whole different ball park.

      Thanks, sorry I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I was once a DIY’er before I got my general contractor license. Everybody has to start some where.


  2. Slrig

    Jul 14, 2013

    To those of you who are taking offense over the comment, “Don’t be fooled by the DIY’ers building them in their back yards.”, then you need to hightail it over to Laura Moreland’s Tiny House site and read her recent post on attempting to get insurance for home-built tiny homes on wheels. Since most tiny homes are built on wheels to escape building codes, how in the world do you think that an insurance company can give a person coverage? And, if you are a regular fan of the tiny homes listed from this site, than you’ll know that you’ve seen everything from tiny palaces to hot messes of unfinished D.I.Y. projects.

    At least Dakota’s homes can be insured. Not so much D.I.Y. projects. So, you have to decide: do you want to be a rebel and thumb your nose at building codes but end up with no coverage or do you want to be able to insure your investment in the end?


  3. Deb

    Jul 14, 2013

    That price is a joke, right? Misprint? “Don’t be fooled by the big money “professionals” who are trying to rip you off!”


    • Slrig

      Jul 14, 2013

      Hi Deb. I read and track every listing from this site. looking for the perfect portable tiny home for our rural acreage. I don’t know if you do the same. But, I’ve seen in the past 2 weeks, tiny homes that are stripped bare…basically plywood on wheels, and they are listed for $35,000-$50,000 for 130 to 165 sq.ft. Many are completely unfinished so you got to pick it up and then finish the job the original owner didn’t complete, spending your time and money. So, if you look at the 200 sq.ft. for this unit at $75K and it’s turn-key ready, it’s not a bad deal. Mind you, it’s out of my price range but for the person who owns a custom BMW car, it’s the same price.


    • Daniel Rock

      Jul 15, 2013

      Deb: No, its not a misprint. It’s not a joke. And no I’m not ripping people off. Do the opposite. I’m providing them with a good quality product made by someone with all the right skills and licenses. Maybe you should re-read the list of amenities. I’ve packed this vehicle with just about everything I could think of. It’s made just like a house but with all the portability and versatility of an RV. We also made it to survive -30 degrees.

      This is not a shed on wheels with a composting toilet (no offense to those who are purposely building them like that). My tiny house will last 30, 40, 50, years. Why, because its done right!!!

      This is a turn-key ready house. You bring your bed, dishes and clothes and you’re ready to live. Don’t be fooled by have done whoknowswhats.


  4. D. Whit

    Jul 14, 2013

    I can currently buy any number of 2010 or newer 40′ RV’s that are very well equipped and downright luxurious for less than 75k.

    Of course, if you market them at 75k, you only have to sell one to pay for the other seven or eight that you can offer at ”seasonal discounts and specials” of 15k.

    Yes…serious buyers only ? ha.


    • Daniel Rock

      Jul 15, 2013

      D. Whit,
      The problem is you’re comparing apples and oranges. You’re comparing my “built like a house” RV to a plastic RV that’s not meant to be lived in. It says it in your manual (if you’ve read it). It’s a serious problem. People living in the synthetic, VOC filled fiberglass boxes you call an RVs are killing people slowly. I’ve heard of horror stories of people getting serious respiratory issues from living in their trailers full time. I’m trying to provide a safe, comfortable living space with clean air. You can’t do that will plastic and glue.


  5. Slrig

    Jul 14, 2013

    D. Whit, you’re absolutely right. I’ve never bought a new car in my life and saved thousands of bucks going used. There are so many websites that sell used RV’s that if a person has a regular budget, they can find a nice one from $5,000 on up. Like a luxury car, the $75K is “right from the show room”. You probably lose $10,000.00 once the ink is dry. lol


  6. TinyHouseSeeker

    Jul 15, 2013

    I’d rather this be stripped bare and let me put my own appliances and couch… save money. I can buy a nice Hud house for $75,000. Can someone offer up a basic finished unit that is up to code at a cost that is less than a normal house? I could get a sweet park model cavco or Little hero furnished in the $25-45 thousand range. $75,000 and I got myself a hunk a land and a top of the line double wide. So WHY would I want this? Someone totally forgot who their buyer was when they ventured to build this, next one you build please make it affordable for someone who can’t afford a regular house.( I’d also prefer less counter space in favor of having room for a futon couch or a small desk table.)


  7. Daniel Rock

    Jul 15, 2013

    I’m not selling FEMA trailers, if you want a quick, cheap and dirty tiny house, you shouldn’t even consider my houses. But if you want quality, efficiency, and healthy luxury living, then buy mine.


  8. Joel

    Aug 09, 2013

    Daniel Rock..I think you are very thin-skinned. If it’s too hot in the kitchen, better get out.

    ‘Tiny House Seeker’ is right, in my opinion. Why put in all those things into the unit that a lot of people don’t want or need? Like Kelly said, there are WAY too many furnishings. That’s not the essence of living tiny. I do like the general layout though.

    You are catering to the ‘high bucks’ folks. I’m betting a nickle to a donut, not too many
    of those folks are looking to live in a tiny house. Most of us truly looking to go the TH route, are more comfortable in a price range much lower.

    As any fad, it is really hot in the beginning, and everybody and his uncle gets in and charge, IMHO, way too much money. As this fades, tiny houses will be as cheap as some used cars. I’ve been following this trend from the beginning of the current movement, and found land without zoning of any kind to place my home built unit, all done by myself. And I’m in my 70’s. I was actually a tiny house pioneer years and years ago, but didn’t realize it at the time.

    I do wish you luck in your business.


    • TinyHouseSeeker

      Aug 15, 2013

      point is, anyone w/ that kinda cash would not want this. Budget minded people want these and eco minded which usually goes hand in hand with budget mindedness. Cavco park models are pretty luxurious and built to last and cheaper. I could buy a top of the line built to last built to live in 5th wheel… also people that want these do not plan to live in them forever.


  9. Victoria Whitcher

    Aug 17, 2013

    I don’t agree with your comment as I said in my other post.

    Don’t change your price. I agree with it. Cleary non of these people live with the oil boom.
    When I put my house on the market, I was given nonthing but harsh words for posting it listed at 35,000. That’s a fair price for a build that took 1 month to build.

    If you want it for cheap, build it yourself.


  10. alexander

    Sep 20, 2013

    Beautiful craftsmanship, but is it really worth $375 per square foot..? Materials + Labor + Inspections ?


  11. sylvia

    May 29, 2015

    Not trying to continue an argument, but tiny home buyers are usually looking to get out of big payments while still trying to build and live safely. I sincerely hope you sell but maybe you put in materials far far far more expensive than needed. Good luck!


  12. Lynnette

    Jul 10, 2015

    I think I’d crack the back of my head on that sink in the bathroom. I just know it. Living/sitting area is very camped, but storage is good. Bit oversized cupboards for a THOW though, loops jam packed with very little walkable space. I’d love to have seen a loft for additional sleeping for guests. I LOVE THE first floor sleeping area though ☆☆☆☆☆ . It’s finished very nicely, but the price tag? Whooaaaaaahhhhh. Waaay out of my price range for a THOW. $55k seems more realistic with the finishes.


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