Lovely Bus Conversion Tiny House

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Price: $6500 Address: 24th Avenue
Type: Sale City: San Francisco
Bedrooms: 1 State: CA
Bathrooms: Country: USA
Size: 248 Sq. Ft. Postal Code: 94116
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Lovely Bus Conversion Tiny House
(Sorry for the lack of photos, I can’t seem to upload more at the moment! Please email for more photos if you are a serious potential buyer)

$6,500 or best reasonable offer
** serious inquiries only please **

Awesome bus three-quarters of the way converted into a tiny house! This is a fixer-upper but a lot of the hard work is done. You do not need a special license to drive it.

We purchased this bus six months ago with the intention of converting it to a “tiny” off-grid house. We completed some big renovations and then some things changed in our life and we are looking to pass it on to someone who can use it now!

This is a 1993 diesel Oshkosh tour bus with 250,xxx (approximate) miles (these buses are for touring and are built to get many, many more miles on them than this). The bus has good suspension, it drives smooth and easily. It easily coasts past 60mph on the highway, and could go higher, the speedometer reads to 80mph (I just am a nervous driver so I haven’t exceeded 65mph). It has a camera so you can see where you’re going when you reverse. It was fully serviced less than three months ago by a certified diesel mechanic. It is in great operating condition besides the need of a new alternator in the not too distant future. An alternator replacement cost was quoted to us at about $700 – and our price reflects this. The bus is registered in California, it has a clear title, and we have all necessary paperwork. Since it is a Diesel engine it does not require a smog test by CA. law.

The bus is 31 feet long and 8 feet wide, for a grand total of almost 250 livable/usable square feet. The inside height is 7 feet tall. It has double doors mid-way down the passenger side where a handicap lift once was (great feature)! It has been gutted and has hardwood floors installed. The ceiling is covered with a handsome embossed floral “wall”paper and painted an earthy terra-cotta rose.

The bus is well insulated and keeps its temperature pretty well, though i have never experimented in extreme weather. It is plumbed with a kitchen sink and a toilet (with a black water tank and RV pipe hook-ups and/or the ability to hook-up additional water and waste cisterns). It has a 7 foot solid wood butchers block counter top to replace the currently installed (pictured) counter top if you want, a couple of cabinets beneath the sink, and a Fridgidaire mini-fridge settled beneath the counter. The sink has a RV automatic demand water pump and a 12 gallon electric portable hot-water tank that fits easily and conveniently out of sight in the cabinet beneath the sink. There is even space if you desired to install a shower or bath tub. Our plan was to put in an reclaimed antique claw foot bath tub (either in the space between the end of the counter and the back of the drivers seat on a platform built over the wheel bearing – or on a platform built over the wheel bearing in the space between the bed platform and the toilet). We were going to figure out how to run a pipe from the drain through the floor outside to a grey-water filtration. And we were going to run water to the tub by splitting the pipe that is already run to the sink so that it’d run the few feet over to the tub too.

The bus is wired for electricity with many outlets. You can either connect the bus to an RV hook-up or to a generator. Our plan was to set-up solar panels and/or a wind turbine upon the roof of the bus and power with all alternative energy.

We have the manuals for the toilet, water heater, and water pump. We have instructions on how to paint the bus properly yourself for $300.

The less-than-perfect details::
(1) As we previously stated, the bus will need an alternator in the not too distant future
(2) the exterior of the bus is currently a bit tacky. You may like it but it has some rust and we think it is an unpleasant purple and gold paint job that is in need of a makeover. Our plan was to scrape the rust, smooth the surface, prime it and repaint it a dark teal or olive green (cost estimate is a $300 for supplies). However, instead of investing more money into perfecting it with our personal preferences we figured we’d sell it at a discounted rate for it’s new owner to put the extra money into what they dream of for the bus!
(3) there is some rust build-up on the engine, but when we had the bus serviced just a few months ago they said this was absolutely not a problem because there is no corrosion, it is just superficial.
(4) you are going to need to get a fresh water tank and a grey water tank for under the bus for the pipes to hook up to.
(5) one of the windows has a crack through it, but there is no leaking or immediate need to replace it.
(6) you’ll probably want to put a curtain around or build a little bathroom around the loo (this will be a good center space divider!)
(7) you will need to install the butchers block counter top if you prefer it to the current counter (time estimate 2 hours)
(8) the bed platform will need to be securely mounted when you decide which way you’d like it to face
(9) though it is tidy it could still use a deep cleaning (time estimate 5 hours to spic-n-span).

As we said, we purchased this bus six months ago for $6000 and have since invested over $2500 in mechanical service and renovations + $1000 in registration fees, taxes and storage fees. With what you save at this price you can continue to invest into this sturdy, reliable automobile to make it your dream tiny-home, travel RV, or mobile business.

Please keep in mind that even though the bus has a lot of life left in her and even though we have put a lot of work into her this is still a twenty year old bus that has imperfections and needs additional work to make her pristine. This bus is a PROJECT with a lot of potential!

$6,500 or best reasonable offer
** serious inquiries only please **

– the bus is now cleaner
– the wiring is now properly completed
– there is a 7 foot solid wood butches block to replace the pictured counter top if you want it to
– the wood platform in the back of bus is for a queen sized mattress
– the boxes/bags are some extra supplies that may come in handy with the bus (manuals, smokes alarms, battery terminals, hardware, wood, paint, detailing paper, extension pipes/hoses, spotlights that magnetize to outside of the bus, additional electrical outlets and wiring, etc..)

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