Kelle’s Vintage Shasta Trailer

Kelle loves vintage trailers, so much so that she decided to start a website dedicated to bringing vintage trailer enthusiasts together.

Her interest in vintage trailers resulted in her purchasing a 1961 Shasta Compact trailer she calls “buttercup” that measures only 10 feet long. Her trailer is so lightweight that is can be pulled by almost any car. Here are some specs on her little Shasta Compact.

Name: Buttercup
DOB: 1961
Sex: Female (we checked (:)
Weight: 1100 lbs
Length: 10 ft box and 13ft including tongue
Color: yellow/white
Condition: Renovated/Excellent
Best Attribute: Overall cuteness factor
Pet Peeve: “Getting dirt on my exterior”.
Favorite Places: Anyplace where my family is.

Kelle’s 1961 Shasta Compact trailer.

When she first purchased the trailer the interior was drab and colorless. She felt the interior didn’t fit her personality so she began to give her Shasta Compact a much-needed makeover.

Kelle’s Shasta before renovation.

The Shasta after renovation.

You can visit Kelle’s website at to get some great info. on vintage trailers.

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27 Comments → “Kelle’s Vintage Shasta Trailer”

  1. Kelle

    Jan 25, 2012

    What a nice surprise! Thank you for featuring our little trailer. Currently my blog is going through a server move so if viewers click that link they may not see it. However, it should be back up and running in the next few days.



  2. Annie Blair

    Jan 25, 2012

    Buttercup looks awfully good to be 50 years old!


  3. cj

    Jan 29, 2012

    Sweet. Nice to see what happens when the little trailer is loved.


  4. Janet Cook Sanchez

    Apr 24, 2012

    Awesome renovation!!! I love campers (the older the better) and I love the 50’s — this is absolutey the best of both worlds!


  5. sylvia marks

    May 14, 2012

    I sooo love Buttercup and the work/interior….I just came across all these vintage trailers by accident a few days ago…I would love to own one and have been looking….it is perfect for me (widowed) taking care of elderly parents to get away for a few days..Just wondering how everyone handles the situation with no shower? etc. I found one a little bigger with a bathroom, but doesn’t have this cute look…I really want to buy one as soon as possible….Going to sell my wedding ring in order to help buy one, that is how bad I want one…My younger sis is on the list for a liver transplant, so between she and my elderly parents I don’t have a lot of time to restore one completely…REALLY need one as a perfect getaway. I do get mixed up on computer, email, etc….but understand FB real well. Also, I am near San Antonio, Tx. so how much to get one shipped down here? Trying to figure out all my options…And please let me know how everyone handles the shower situation, with no bath….Duh!!! All new to me, but I am hooked…Thank you, Sylvia.


    • duane

      Aug 27, 2013

      I do have 1965 13 ft Shasta I will sell, its in Idaho 208 344 3139


  6. Greg

    Dec 01, 2012

    I remember Shasta trailers very well, and worked on a lot of them in the 70’s and 80’s. They were extremely popular and were the only trailer made with “wings”. Does yours have a toilet, or is the area at the front left just a large closet? With the “bathroom” and the kitchen in the front. This floorplan has a lot of tongue weight for a small trailer. Their is nothing wrong with that as long as the vehicle pulling it can handle it as well as the hitch.

    Make sure that it stays 100% leak free, as wood rot was the demise of all but a few trailers from this era. You’ve done a great job with it! Enjoy it!


  7. Todd True

    Mar 30, 2013

    I have one I would sell if anyone is interested, it is a 1962 Airflyte


    • Steven

      Mar 31, 2013

      Todd. Feel free to post it for sale on the site!


    • Judy R

      Apr 01, 2013

      I might be interested, Todd, depending on price and location.


    • Rhonda Martinez

      Jun 01, 2013

      I am definitely interested in information (location/price/condition) and maybe some photos? Thank you.


    • Barbie

      Sep 21, 2013

      Where are you located can I see some pictures and Price ?
      Thank you


  8. Dia

    Aug 06, 2013

    Buttercup is ADORABLE! Love what you’ve done with her!


  9. Tim Van der Linde

    Aug 28, 2013

    I have a 1964 Shasta trailer FOR SALE. It is located in Colorado, it’s a 16 footer and everything is their except the wings. If interested and would like to see pictures my email add is


  10. Kaye

    Dec 16, 2013

    I too, would be interested in any of the fore mentioned campers depending on price and location. Please let me know!


  11. Elizabeth Fletcher

    Mar 10, 2014

    Kelle- I just brought home my 1961 Shasta and am interested in learning more about the “top bunk” Can you help me?

    A million thanks,



  12. amy

    Aug 12, 2014

    i’m in the market for a 61-62 shasta to work on…near the TN/KY area. Let me know if anyone has a lil jewel they want to sell. thanks!


    • jeff burnside

      Aug 31, 2014

      Hi- got a ’61 Shasta in good shape, wings intact, it’s identical to the “buttercup” in lay-out and size. It has the original propane light, a 10 gallon water tank over the left wheel well, the only problem with that is a blown copper feed line to the sink. Original sink with a pump faucet, 3- burner stove and oven. A small refrigerator, and the detachable bunk. I replaced the plywood in the door years ago, and my wife painted the interior. It’s been in a barn for the last few years not outside. Original outside paint original jalousie windows and one vent in the roof. We heated it in cold weather by turning a clay flower pot upside down on the stove and turning a burner on. Worked great! This is primarily in original condition but very solid. Let me know if interested!


      • Louisa

        Sep 16, 2014

        Is this trailer still for sale?


  13. Leslie

    Aug 24, 2014

    I am looking for a small vintage trailer that is in either very good condition or restores. I live in San Diego CA and can travel up to 1500 miles. If you know of anyone who has one please pass on my info.


  14. Patti Weaver

    Aug 26, 2014

    I am so impressed with your renovations. I think Shasta’s are wonderful and looking to buy!


  15. sonya lloveras

    Nov 01, 2014

    Interested in purchasing Buttercup (if you are interested in selling to a wonderful home with doting new parents) or a refurbished one in similar condition! I am ready to rock and roll and hit the road!


  16. Barb

    Nov 09, 2014

    I have a 62 Shasta for sale in BC Interior, Canada – Interior is great – all works – the exterior needs some work though (mostly a very bad latex paint job)


  17. Quentin

    Nov 27, 2014

    I do agree with all of the ideas you’ve introduced to your post.

    They’re very convincing and will definitely work.
    Still, the posts are too shor for newbies. May
    you please prolong tthem a little from next time?

    Thanks for the post.


  18. jj

    Feb 03, 2015

    ihave a 1968 16foot complete w/ is all there but needs help as it has been is in overgaard az.reasonable offer acceptable


  19. debbie hoge

    Aug 03, 2015

    I have a 64 compact for sale. just like buttercup RED! totally redone. asking 7500. Marietta Ohio call or text 740-350-2689 for details!


  20. Larry

    Aug 06, 2015

    have a friend seriously looking for a trailer like yours . Is it still available? If so how much and condition? Would love an answer even if sold, thanks.


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