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Price: $55000 Address: Ottawa Beach Rd.
Type: Sale City: Holland
Bedrooms: 2 State: MI
Bathrooms: 1 Country: USA
Size: 195 Sq. Ft. Postal Code: 49424
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The Itty Bitty House Company is offering their first tiny house for sale. This house has everything you need to live in full-time year round. The house is set atop a 24′ trailer for easy moving. The home features a 8.5′ desk and couch. The sleeping loft fits a super king sized bed with a nightstand at the head of the bed with flip up storage. The interior is finished with all natural 100% tung oil, which means 0 chemicals, VOC’s. Check out our youtube video tour below. Visit our Facebook page for any questions or e-mail us with any questions you may have.

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Andrew Gilcheck

Listing Details :
Listed on : 20/03/2012
Property Id : #8257

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Location : Ottawa Beach Rd.,Holland,MI,USA,49424

26 Comments → “Itty Bitty House Company”

  1. Sarah

    Apr 01, 2012

    Best tiny home design I’ve seen. Amazing use of space and great storage solutions. I’d love to have it.


  2. Tracy

    Apr 02, 2012

    That price seems outrageous. People want tiny houses because they want something affordable. They could get a nice 42ft park model w 3 slides for 25,000


    • Casey Friday

      Oct 18, 2012

      Then buy a park model. I don’t want a tiny house ‘because I want something affordable’. I want a small living space that I can own outright, without making any sacrifices. This is a beautiful, high quality house that I would be proud to own. Much more proud than owning a park model.


      • Andrew Gilcheck

        Oct 19, 2012

        I couldn’t have said it any better myself…well put : )


  3. Barb Semple

    Apr 23, 2012

    This home’s design plan was very well thought out. It has convenient items like the washing machine, compost toilet, moveable mirror, sliding door, front steps, hidden hot water heater, slide out waste baskets, refrigerator and toaster oven. The king size bed space is a real plus and also the attractive heater that reminds you of a fire place. Also the two fans for the kitchen and bathroom are good for keeping the small home fresh. The flooring is beautiful and the closets optimize the space. I would probably want to make the couch a little more comfortable and also add a portable solar panel to the home.


  4. gmh

    Jun 09, 2012

    This is a beautiful home! I agree with the previous commenters- the design is wonderful, the storage possibilities are amazing! It’s like you were listening to my thoughts about every other tiny home I have seen… LOVE that it has a washer/dryer!!!!
    The only thing I might do differently is put dormers in the loft. Little less claustrophobic…
    The price seems high if you look at price per square foot, but if you compare to some of the other tiny houses, it is in the ballpark.
    One more to add to my wish list.


  5. Rachel

    Jun 09, 2012

    This is lovely, but it is not a two bedroom like Tubleweed’s Lusby that costs 5k less…


    • Andrew Gilcheck

      Jun 21, 2012

      You bring up some great points. Thanks for your comment. The second bedroom is also the living room couch (dual purpose) which is longer than a twin bed but a little less width than a twin bed, we also have an option to turn the couch into a queen size bed. I believe the house you’re comparing this to is an 18 foot long trailer compared to this house which is built upon a 24 foot trailer. 33% larger home with more built-in options for an extra 10% cost. If you eliminate the TV you would bring the price down to $53,500. If you eliminate other options/upgrades (e.g. couch, desk, etc.) the cost will come down even more. Our website will be up soon giving more details on options. If you’d like to sign up for our email list just type “SUBSCRIBE” into the title of an email to and/or like us on Facebook.


  6. gmh

    Jun 13, 2012

    Oops- it’s a washer, not a w/d combo. Still a really nice layout and beautiful finishes. Just got to figure out a clothesline…


  7. gmh

    Jun 16, 2012

    I keep coming back here. Watched the video three times now. I just really like this house. Not sure about the honkin’ big TV, but everything else is almost perfect.


  8. Gerrie

    Jun 19, 2012

    Very nice use of space and wood. Is it insulated? What is the footprint? What is the weight?
    Thanks, Gerrie


    • Andrew Gilcheck

      Jun 21, 2012

      The footprint of the house is 24’x8′. The house is insulated better than a standard code built house which is usually R-11, where as this house is insulated to R-16 and the floor is rated at R-21. The house weighs in at 6500 lbs.


  9. Angela

    Aug 04, 2012

    Love this! I’m looking to buy a tiny house and moving to Holland, MI this fall or spring, however I would like something more basic for much less. I would opt for more open space in the living room area with less storage and frills to save money. Can’t wait to see what options you will have available.


  10. Cory

    Aug 06, 2012

    Love the house. Would rather have bookcases instead of the 2clsets up front, no tv and a sky light over the bed so I can see the stars @nigth.
    Now just need to save… A bit over price …
    Thank you..


  11. Dan

    Nov 22, 2012

    My wife grew up in Holland and used to live on Ottawa Beach Road! This is the best tiny house I’ve seen online. Have you sold it yet? If not do you offer in-person walk through tours?


  12. Judy

    Jan 03, 2013

    Any idea how this compares to a trailer in regard to the gassing off of chemicals? I’ve got bad allergies and I know people with allergies have a hard time in a trailer. Are any of the same prefab materials used in a tiny house?


    • Andrew Gilcheck

      Jan 04, 2013

      The house is built with exactly this in mind. The house is completely non-toxic. The house is built with non-toxic finishes and all solid wood interior, to avoid cheap toxic materials like particle board which off-gas a lot of urea-formaldehyde.


  13. Deb

    Apr 10, 2013

    I love this one. I’ve been looking at a lot, trying to get an idea of what might work for me. Great use of all the spaces! Bravo!


  14. angela kneller

    Sep 15, 2013

    hello,i live in the uk in a lovely small 3 bedroomed house which is perfect for my husband and I but am looking for best way to make the most use of the space I have. any space saving built in storage ideas would be much appreciated. looking at a built in wardrobe for our bedroom but need it to hold a fair bit of stuff(my hubby not me has more clothes etc) I also have a small kitchen and a nice entry way that could do with some decent storage for coats etc any help and advice would be much appreciated thank you


  15. Resa Pickel

    Sep 17, 2013

    I have been looking at little houses for 10 years or so. I spent two years living in a 400 sq ft cob cottage (completely off the grid) several years ago. Once I moved in, I discovered a number of things that I would have done differently. Your design actually has more functional space than the 400 sq ft that I lived in. Like some of the other people who have commented, there are a few things I would do differently to fit my specific needs better, but you have also added some details I’ve never thought of. Bravo on one of the nicest renderings I have seen.


  16. sarah

    Sep 17, 2013

    I LOVE the little laundry. I’ve never seen that in a tiny home before! This is by far the most thought out all inclusive design I’ve seen so far.


  17. juan

    Oct 24, 2013

    Great tiny house design and build! Is it easily movable, can you use it an RV park, and would you recommend a tiny house like this for someone that will be moving around quite a bit? Thanks! Great work!


  18. James

    Dec 21, 2013

    Where to you buy?


  19. Kathy

    Sep 12, 2014

    Bravo!! Nicely done. This is beyond clever in the storage department. I love many of your great ideas, like the pull out trash and recycle bins, the use of awning style windows, especially in the gable ends; unless its raining sideways, awning windows can be opened for ventilation even in the rain. My dog would die of claustrophobia in that hidden “dog bed” space, BUT my rolling cart of craft supplies will fit admirably!! Best of all is your choice of appliances. I have been wondering when an ice cream lover would come along and see that a tiny combo refrig-freezer is pretty worthless if you wanted room to keep frozen foods or make more than 6 ice cubes. A separate freezer is ideal. That Kitchen Aid oven is so much more than a simple toaster oven, and can hold a 12′ pizza! (The Breville oven is equally terrific.) And how could I not mention the little washer. Alas I can’t buy this house because I can’t use the loft ladder. I have to have a look at the main level sofa conversion to a bed. I will keep watching for future photos of this option. Again, Bravo!!


  20. Liz

    Sep 22, 2014

    I like the general design and layout, but the placement of an 8,000+ BTU marine heater less than 6 inches from the built-ins designed for expensive electronics seems like a questionable choice. Is there an option to get a mini-split ductless heat pump instead?


  21. Terry Staton

    Feb 09, 2015

    As with so many tiny homes that are presented on here, they tend to get pricey when everything is said and done. This one is pricey as well, but there are so many innovative ideas on here that it makes this particular tiny home something desirable to own. Sadly, it’s just is too expensive to try and own something like this when, as was mentioned before, you could buy a park model for less. Yes, it’s not exactly the same as a tiny home, but still, some of these tiny homes are using reclaimed material… makes you wonder where the cost factor comes into play. I’m not knocking this tiny home at all. Just saying that if I were to want a home on wheels to travel in like this, I would have to take out a huge loan. That’s not what my lifestyle allows for sadly. Thanks for a great video and wonderful presentation! This would be one of the top contenders for me as a future tiny home owner!


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