Introducing Tiny House Swoon

Recently I launched a new website called “Tiny House Swoon.” The purpose of the site is to provide “Inspiration For Your Tiny House Imagination.”

The site is almost completely visual in that it features large images of beautiful tiny and small dwellings across the world. Photographers can submit photos of tiny homes they have taken, or readers can submit tiny houses they have came across that they believe others would be inspired by. By submitting photos, photographers and submitters will receive a link to their website for credit and as a simple way of saying thanks for sharing the photos with Tiny House Swoon readers. This is a nice bonus simply because the Tiny House Swoon site already receives 1000’s of visitors per day!

Photos can be submitted by emailing them to support [at] with the location of the tiny house, a quick description of the house and the link of their website if they want credit. All photos must be 900 pixels wide or larger.

Here are some photos from the Tiny House Swoon website to give you an idea of the homes that are featured on the site. Enjoy.

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8 Comments → “Introducing Tiny House Swoon”

  1. lynn

    Apr 05, 2012

    can you also include inside views of the houses? It is so helpful to see what others are doing with the space.


    • Steven

      Apr 05, 2012

      Hi Lynn. I agree. The homes where inside views of the houses are available will have them included. Thanks.


  2. kimk

    Apr 13, 2012

    What fun! Thank you! One of my favorite pass times is to just gaze at other tiny houses until I can get one of my own. :)


  3. Mar

    Apr 14, 2012

    Thanks, Anytime I can see the lovely and practical ideas others have put into their small homes, I will look for inspiration! Good idea. mar

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  5. Sandee Raker-Lott

    Jan 09, 2014

    My heart has gone pitty-pat so many times in profound joy…I know these photos are good for my health…thanks so much…longing for my own home…


  6. Sandee Raker-Lott

    Jan 09, 2014

    …I don’t know when anthing visual has made me so ecstatically happy……


  7. Barb Cole

    Jan 12, 2014

    I have a lot of Facebook Friends that like tiny houses, Don’t you have a Facebook page? I can’t see to get the ‘like” to work on my computer for this site…


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