There is a Home Depot near my house that I pass when I’m out running errands. Awhile back I noticed some garages on display in their parking lot. One in particular caught my eye so I dropped by to take a closer look.

While checking it out an elderly gentlemen mentioned to me that he is purchasing the exact model for himself and his wife to live in. This got my wheels spinning. At 256 sq. ft. (not including the full-sized upstairs) and a 16’x16′ footprint, this building seems to have plenty of living space for a single person or couple. Have kids? No problem. This model called “Summer Wind” can be built as large as 18’x40′ (720 sq. ft.).

The front view of The “Summer Wind” model available at Home Depot ranges in available sizes from 256 sq. ft. to 720 sq. ft. There are certain things you could do yourself to help keep costs down, like painting it yourself rather than paying $1,185 to have it done for you.

The stairs leading up to the 2nd floor seem sturdy and quite solid.

The barn style door is the building’s front entrance. Glass French-style front doors are also available.

A panoramic view of the upstairs floor. Click the image for a larger view.

The price of the model I toured. There are a whole slew of upgrades that can be purchased. Once your building is delivered to you, you’ll need a plan in place to complete the interior finishing, plumbing and electrical.

The rear view. There is also a side door on the apposite side leading into the first floor.

Home depot carries several other buildings that could possibly make a tiny house. If you are interested in learning more you can call Home Depot at 1-800-HOMEDEPOT.

While I would personally prefer to buy my tiny house from a tiny house builder and refrain from giving the money to a large company, these buildings are an attractive option for someone with a limited budget. It also makes sense if you have access to someone with some DIY skills to keep costs down for completing the remaining work to make the house livable.

If converting a garage seems like a good idea to you, you might want to take a look at this book that gives some good info. on garage conversions.

  1. Great and cost effective way to customize your tiny house. As their popularity grows so does the cost. I’m impressed.

    1. I bought 16 x 20 model when they had a half price sale. I was able to buy model shown, added regular windows, vinyl siding, steel door for less than 6,000 dollars. Home depot contracted with builder who stick built model in two and half days–longer than normal because of upgrades. Hired backhoe to dig down one foot so building would sit lower to ground. covered ground with vinyl and gravel. Made french drain around the house. House is built like a normal home using 2×4 and other materials.

      Builders said they just completed one as a home in George Washington National Forest. Add wood stove, bath, kitchen and running water and you have a great house.

      1. Hey Bill would love to see how yours turned out. Any pictures to share?

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  3. You cannot use a cheap 2×4 built, no foundation or deep post set construction for a home unless you want it to be annihilated in the first medium strength storm. There is a reason for the IBC construction code.

    1. Could you use tie downs like they use with mobile homes? Or somehow have it mounted to a concrete foundation? You seem to be the one on here thinking straight lol, but as a single 57 year old female who doesn’t want to be tied to a mortgage in my SSI support days, I am looking at options such as this, or a travel trailer? Any knowledge you can share would be awesome! Thanks!

  4. Bill, we’ve been wanting to do the same thing. When and where were you able to get the shed half off? Was the sale through Home Depot? We’ve been watching and haven’t seen any discounted below 10%…

  5. Any one who has pics to share of the inside? My younger sister is wanting to move out on her own and she is looking at this exact building. I am trying to help her make it come together just trying to get some ideas. Thanks so much in advance.

  6. Would love to see pics. Would like to get ideas.

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