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Price: $33000 Address: Delta bc
Type: City: Delta
Bedrooms: 1 State: BC
Bathrooms: 1 Country: Canada
Size: 160 Sq. Ft. Postal Code: v4k3n3
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Property Description

For sale is our beautiful Tiny home. It is 20ft long by 8ft 6″ wide. The roof length is 23ft.

There has been a huge amount of effort and passion put in to the building of this tiny home. It is brand new and has never been used yet.

We are really excited for the lucky person who will purchase this home.

Our Tiny home comes with a huge range of features

These include:
Fully fitted kitchen
Soft closing doors and drawers
24” countertops
36×36 lazy susan
Stainless steel sink and faucet
Cooktop unit designed to fit electric or propane cooktop
Cutlery divider drawers
Stainless steel utensil and pot hangers
6x over counter 110v power outlets.
2x tracked spot lights overhead
4.3 cu.ft fridge/freezer
Durable countertops
4”x4” exposed cedar roof beams

Full sized 30×30 shower unit
High quality shower faucet
Shower rail + curtain
Electric bathroom ventilation fan
Wall hung sink and faucet
Opening sash window
Frosted glass on window for privacy
110v power shaver outlet
Option of traditional water toilet or decomposing toilet.
32 inch door on entry to bathroom giving easy access
Attractive bathroom lighting.
Pine T+G wall panelling
4”x4” exposed cedar ceiling beams

Living Area
10 ft high ceilings
Pine T+G wall panelling
Fold down wall hung table
Electric recessed wall fan heater with option of propane heating
8 x 110v power outlets
Attractive tracked lighting
Open out high quality french doors.
Option of futon type seating allowing for extra sleeping area.
Durable linoleum flooring with wood effect throughout.
Opening sash windows.

28”x30” closet area
28” open out door
Sensor lighting
Clothes Hanger rack
Option of shelving unit for clothing storage.
Fully plumbed and wired for option of 110v washer drier
Plumbing vent access panel

Loft sleeping area
9 ft L x 7 ft 4” W sleeping area
3 ft 4 “ high ceiling at centre.
Attractive roof lighting
Opening 24” x 24” window
110v power outlet
Light switches controlling upper and lower floors.
Option of side storage units
Removable ladder for easy access
Smoke detector

Loft storage area
7ft 4” x 2ft storage area over french doors
Opening 24” x 24” window
Removable ladder for easy acess
Option of pull down hanging clothes rack.
Supported by 4”x4” attractive cedar beams

2 x Attractive lantern type exterior lights at both sides of french doors
110v power outlet located in waterproof casing
Bevelled cedar siding
Wall mounted water heater storage unit
RV type supply water hook up
RV type grey water hook up
Option RV type of toilet waste hook up.
110v 30A RV type power hook up with option of 240v hookup.

No expense was spared in the construction of this home. It has been constructed with high quality materials.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Listing Details :
Listed on : 03/07/2014
Property Id : #39476

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Location : Delta bc,Delta,BC,Canada,v4k3n3

13 Comments → “Fully Finished New Tiny Home”

  1. Dana mathews

    Jul 03, 2014

    You guys did a great job on this home. I love that you put larger windows in and also used a glass door. Really nice!


    • Tiny Homes

      Aug 07, 2014

      Thank you Dana, Yes we like to create as much natural light as possible in our homes.


  2. Lisa E.

    Jul 06, 2014

    I’m surprised this is only 120sf; it looks much bigger. I love the open panorama using the glass doors and larger windows. I would have liked more pics on the bathroom and shower, though. What is that narrow alcove all about? But it looks like a real winner! Great job!


    • Tiny Homes

      Aug 07, 2014

      The home is 160sq ft. It is difficult to take good pictures of the bathroom as it is a small space, we will get some more though.
      The narrow alcove is just for storage, we have widened this on our later models.
      Thank you.


  3. Guy S

    Jul 12, 2014

    I am very interested, please get back to me. Thank you!


  4. Bret

    Jul 14, 2014

    This might sound like a silly question, but is the price in Canadian or US dollars?

    Thank you!


    • Tiny Homes

      Aug 07, 2014

      Not a silly question at all. The price is in US dollars as we figured most visitors to this site would be US based.
      Thank you.


  5. jo

    Jul 17, 2014

    There’s more kitchen counter space than I have in my apt!


  6. Kate P.

    Aug 15, 2014

    Is this the only home you guys will sell, or do you regularly build and sell tiny homes?


  7. laura sullivan

    Aug 30, 2014

    do you sell the plans for this home?


  8. Mary

    Sep 16, 2015

    Can you put screens on all the windows to keep bugs out?? And if I wanted a compact propane stove put in would you install it at the end of the countertop and just shorten the countertop. I have arthritis so could you build permanent stairs going up to the loft with a handrail on the side of the kitchen counter and shorten the wheel well box in so it would fit close to the wall or better yet at the bottom of the stairs put a small landing that would include the wheel well space so it doesn’t take up too much of the walk through way and make storage under each stair and how much more would that add on to the cost of the THOW?? I live in Kansas USA do you deliver and for how much?? email: marycookiestarter@gmail.com

    Thank you,
    Mary (I’ll keep in touch)


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