Creative Tiny House – Electric Camper Bicycle Car

Ever heard of al electric bicycle, camper and car all rolled into one? Now you have. Jay Nelson is an architect who creates unique architectural dwellings.

His “Golden Gate” electric camper car is made from a combination of plywood, glass, fiberglass, expoxy resin, bicycle parts and powered by an electric motor. “Double Take” may have been a proper name for his electric car since I’m sure his vehicle gets quite a few second looks while going down the road.

The Golden Gate would make a nice shelter to park and stay in for a couple of days while enjoying a little surfing, camping, or whatever else is your cup of tea. A nice addition would be a solar panel to recharge the batteries while out on the road.

The Golden Gate measures 96″x54″x64″, drives 10 miles on a charge with speeds up to 20mph.



The interior features a kitchen with sink, cooler, cooking stove, storage bins, toilet, bed and storage underneath the bed. The driver sits with legs crossed while operating the vehicle.

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You can learn more about Jay Nelson and his designs at

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1 Comment → “Creative Tiny House – Electric Camper Bicycle Car”

  1. AniB

    Jan 10, 2012

    And I was worried about drawing too much attention when hauling a tiny house! That certainly is not for someone trying to avoid detection, like say, a bankrobber… Too cute! And it looks roomy inside.


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