Housing Market Ups and Downs? Who Cares.


Should I buy? Should I sell? The home values are going up in my area! The home values are going down in my area! I’m upside down on my house because the market turned, what to do! These are all concerns one must have when they are living in a home that carries a mortgage. […]

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To The “Tiny Houses Are Too Expensive” Crowd


Recently, I have noticed a spike in cynicism among the tiny house community. I’m hesitant to call the folks participating in this cynicism part of our community as they may just be passing through. Even so, there are days it seems it has reached fever pitch. More regularly I’m seeing people who are fans of […]

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50% Off Already Affordable Tiny House Plans


Hi!… I wanted to let you know that my friend Michael Janzen is offering a 50% discount on his tiny house plans and ebooks right now. The sale ends when the sun comes-up the day after Halloween. To take advantage of the discount just use the coupon code HALFOFF when you check out. See Michael’s […]

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Julie and Andrew’s Awesome House Bus


A few years back, Julie and Andrew Puckett were living in Chicago and knew they were ready for some changes in their lives. “Two years ago, Andrew and I were at a crossroads in our lives. We knew we didn’t want to stay in Chicago, but we weren’t ready to buy a home that would […]

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Bad-Ass Single Mom of Three Builds Tiny House


At 29 with three small children, Kelly Lewis found herself in a situation she hadn’t planned on…being single. Shortly after becoming divorced, Kelly came across the tiny house movement and began doing research. She decided to buy a piece of land and hired a contractor to build the shell of her 192 square feet tiny […]

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The Boverly Tiny House


Scott Stewart from Slabtown Customs in Mountain View, Arkansas has been building tiny houses, micro houses and park models, most with some pretty unique floorpans and layouts for years. The Boverly House, his latest tiny house build (he can build you one just like it) has a very unique layout. With out 15′ total height […]

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Tiny Houses And Permaculture Go Hand In Hand


“Andrew Martin is the author of the book Rethink: …Your world, Your future ( After waking up to the worlds sustainability crisis, Andrew left the high flying world of finance to move to New Zealand and start a permaculture farm where he now lives with his wife Beth. In this interview, we talk about his […]

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The Firebird Tiny House’s Clever Layout


Every once in awhile a new idea for a tiny house comes along that I feel is just…smart. The Firebird Tiny House by Eric Bohne in Portland, Oregon is one of those. It solves many of the problems folks have about climbing a lofted ladder in their tiny house, while also sitting two bedrooms into […]

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The Small Church In The World/Upcoming Workshop


What do you get when you combine a tiny house with a chapel? The Mini Chapel! My good friend Deek Diedricksen recently did a quick tour of this little chapel for you while attending The Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here’s the quick video: Also, I’ll be attending Deek’s workshop up in Orleans, […]

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Rhino Cubed


Amongst the myriad of tiny homebuilders who have jumped on the minimalist, downsizing train sweeping the nation, one stands apart from the pack – Rhino Cubed. This Boulder, Colorado company offers tiny dwellings at the intersection of art and sustainability. A Rhino Cube starts with a re-purposed shipping container made of Corten steel. This steel […]

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Introducing A Classifieds Site For The Tiny House Community


For years now I have been receiving emails all the time, daily in fact that are something like the following: “I was going to build a tiny house but my circumstances have changed. Now I have a tiny house trailer in my yard. Do you know of anyone that needs a tiny house trailer in […]

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Dream A Little Dream With EcoCabins

Morrison 24

by Andrew Odom Designed by Andrew and Gabriella MorrisonĀ and manufactured and built by EcoCabins, the hOMe as it has been named is a modern THOW that is both stylish and functional. And while the plans are an incredible set of DVDs are sold on the Morrison’s website they recently contracted with EcoCabins to manufacture and […]

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