The Small Church In The World/Upcoming Workshop


What do you get when you combine a tiny house with a chapel? The Mini Chapel! My good friend Deek Diedricksen recently did a quick tour of this little chapel for you while attending The Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here’s the quick video: Also, I’ll be attending Deek’s workshop up in Orleans, [...]

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Rhino Cubed


Amongst the myriad of tiny homebuilders who have jumped on the minimalist, downsizing train sweeping the nation, one stands apart from the pack – Rhino Cubed. This Boulder, Colorado company offers tiny dwellings at the intersection of art and sustainability. A Rhino Cube starts with a re-purposed shipping container made of Corten steel. This steel [...]

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Introducing A Classifieds Site For The Tiny House Community


For years now I have been receiving emails all the time, daily in fact that are something like the following: “I was going to build a tiny house but my circumstances have changed. Now I have a tiny house trailer in my yard. Do you know of anyone that needs a tiny house trailer in [...]

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Dream A Little Dream With EcoCabins

Morrison 24

by Andrew Odom Designed by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison¬†and manufactured and built by EcoCabins, the hOMe as it has been named is a modern THOW that is both stylish and functional. And while the plans are an incredible set of DVDs are sold on the Morrison’s website they recently contracted with EcoCabins to manufacture and [...]

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Tiny House Water Pressure Using Only Your Feet

Foot Pump In Action

Dribbles of water aren’t all that bad. On those hot summer days of my youth I often quenched my thirst from the spigot on the side of the house. Without a nozzle the hose was little more than a mountain spring. Had it been pressurized though it may have blown my lips off my face [...]

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Tiny Living Homes Reinforces The Key To Simplicity

Tiny Living Homes 2

by Andrew Odom Based in Vancouver, Tiny Living Homes was founded in 2014 as a tiny house company set on a few key principles including integrity, safety, communication, quality, stewardship, innovation, recognition, and growth.¬†Their tiny homes are built to the same specification as that of a traditional home using 2′ x 4′ framing structure and [...]

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Knowing Tongue Weight and Payload For a Tiny House Tow


If there is one topic other than zoning logistics that comes up without fail at a tiny house gathering it is that of towing capacity – tow weight and payload. Understanding the topic is critical for your own safety and those around you. Imagine you are in a beautiful new 1/2 ton pick-up truck and [...]

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Up, Up, and Away With Upper Valley Tiny Homes


As with so many things in our daily lives – Facebook, television, non-satellite radio, etc – there is just too much noise. There are messages screaming at us that we usually don’t care about. And lately it seems the tiny house world has also come under fire from those enemies. This company is too expensive. [...]

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Tiny House Design’s Updated Plans on Sale


Michael Janzen from Tiny House Design just updated his tiny house plans and is having a really good sale on them the next five days. Buy buying the 12 plan bundle, you’ll save $269 if you get them while they are on sale. The bundled plans feature a great assortment of floorplans, layouts, roof style [...]

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Using Rough Cut Lumber For Your Tiny House


by Andrew Odom As with any house building project the largest expense comes from simple lumber. Whether it be to frame the house or to side the house you will typically find the majority of your budget being appropriated to lumber. What way to possibly save a few bucks though is to use rough cut [...]

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5 Outdoor Kitchens For Tiny House Living

Kitchen 1

Hot town, summer in the city / Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty / Been down, isn’t it a pity / Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city / All around, people looking half dead / Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head /   Anyone who has spent [...]

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Keeping Content


by Steven Harrell The last few years lots and lots of folks have decided to sell all of their crap and move into a tiny house. The idea has spread like butter on a hot summer day. What many of the people who are thinking about (or are in the process of) taking the tiny [...]

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