Kokoon Homes: SIPs Kits


by Laura LaVoie I first learned about tiny homes around 2007 or 2008. Since that time these small spaces have skyrocketed in popularity and the tiny house movement continues to gain ground. Over the last 8 years I have wondered what is in store for the future of tiny homes. During that time many tiny [...]

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A Fiery Challenge in Nicki’s Purple Tiny Home


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of parking my tiny home next to Nicki Davis’s Ravenlore near Savannah, Georgia. The Ravenlore is a brand new tiny home built by Tiny Green Cabins, and it was featured recently on HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters. We held a double open house and allowed people to casually tour both of our homes. Nicki’s [...]

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Tiny


If you’re on tiny house listings it is probably because you’re fascinated by the idea of downsizing your life and living in a tiny home. When you look at stories of people who have already made the move you will start to see a few patterns emerge. What steps did they take to make it [...]

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Tiny House Parking, A New Service That Helps Solve The Parking Conundrum

In case you missed The Official Announcement on Tiny House Blog (thank you Kent), I recently launched a new service that helps bring tiny house parking wanted and parking available folks together. The one of the biggest problems (if not the single biggest issue) is the issue of finding a place to park a tiny [...]

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Building A Deck For Your Tiny House

2-person tiny

Recently we’ve watched as Steven Harrell of Tiny House Listings has built a small two-person sleeper cabin just outside of Wilmington, NC on some very rural land. But with the peace of expansive forest Harrell knew the cabin wasn’t enough. A deck had to be built for a number of reasons ranging from outdoor entertaining [...]

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Finding WiFi In The Woods


by Andrew Odom When I was a young man I would wake up, punch out the alarm clock, jump in the shower, have some cereal, and head off to work. En route I would stop and read the headlines at the newsstand. Once there I would punch in, sit down, and click on the Send/Receive [...]

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Ecological Tiny House Building Program


by Laura Moreland If you have ever Googled ecological building, you probably recognize Chris Magwood’s name.  Like me, you may even own a couple of his books.  If you are new to this or his name is otherwise new to you, Chris has been working in the area of straw bale construction since he built [...]

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Building 101 or Living 101?


I love a good tiny house workshop. Especially the ones where there is hands-on building experience. It took me a couple of years into my own build to feel fully comfortable using many power tools so I am pleased to see real options for experience. Building or own tiny house took longer than most so [...]

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Unconventional Storage For A Tiny House

Storage Unit

by Andrew Odom When considering the prospect of downsizing the most immediate question asked is What will I do with all of my stuff? Most Americans consider their “stuff” to be of true value, be it emotional, financial, or just physical. No one seems to want to part with the collections of ceramic dolls that [...]

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The Top 10 Tiny Houses of 2014


In 2014 over 300 tiny houses were featured on the Tiny House Swoon website! It’s exciting to see some of the cool, new, unique, funky, quirky features tiny house builders and folks who built their own tiny house are implementing into tiny houses. These aren’t just for looks, but also to save space and make [...]

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Introducing Tiny House FAQs


On any given day I receive approximately 50 emails in my inbox with questions about tiny houses. 50! That’s a lot of replies, typing, time spent, etc. replying back. So after a couple years of using and abusing my poor fingers typing, I decided to put in a solution that hopefully will help remedy early [...]

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12 Days of Tiny: Day 12 – Idaho Sheep Camp

Sheep Camp 1

No story is quite as intriguing as one of family and friendship, work ethic and discipline, and mans relationship with the world around him. The only way such a story could be more enjoyable is if it were true and everything about the Idaho Sheep Camp points that way starting with Harvey Vader who set [...]

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