“Tiny Home 1.0″ Our Renovated 5th Wheel


by Laura Sauve May 2014 Chad was offered a great job in his field as a Diesel Mechanic. The only challenge was that it was in Toronto and we owned a townhome in London, Ontario that we had just spent the last 4 years seriously renovating and had literally just completed EVERYTHING. Honestly, it was [...]

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Does The Zeer Pot Really Work?

Zeer Pot

by Andrew Odom If you are anything like me the mention of a Zeer Pot leaves you asking….what is a zeer pot anyway? It sound like an agricultural device and use a word that is completely unknown to western society. Yet the in the last 2-3 years the popularity of such a device has grown thanks [...]

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Does A Tiny House Need A Sleeping Loft?

Loft 3

by Andrew Odom Georgian Architecture = 1-2 story, symmetrical box-shape. Minimalist Design = large, white room with a concrete floor. Artists Loft = no interior walls but support beams. Latin American Luxury = terra cotta roof tiles and stucco walls. At what point does an architectural movement become defined by a single design element? I ask [...]

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Get Hands On With Deek at His Upcoming Workshop in Connecticut


Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to co-host and also attend quite a few of Deek’s (from workshops. In short, they are a blast. You’ll get hands-on build time, meet other tiny house folks and also pick Deek’s brain with all of your burning tiny house questions. You’ll also get to [...]

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Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary


by Laura LaVoie Right now, tiny house reality shows are dominating the airwaves and conversations. I can’t really go anywhere without someone asking me if I’ve seen one or more of them. Or, sometimes, they ask if I’ve been on one. When I say “no” they want to know “Why not?” Last year I was [...]

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Part-Time Tiny House Living

Two Homes

by Andrew Odom I’ve never really thought about a tiny house as a part-time living arrangement. With some THOWs costing as much as $60,000 you have to ask yourself how that could be an option for part-time living. Inspired by the likes of Kristie Wolfe though who has designed and built two tiny homes (Idaho [...]

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Park Your Tiny House On This 3,00 Acre Ranch In Oregon


Peter has opened his 3,000 acre organic cattle ranch to tiny house dwellers who would like to live close to nature. This opportunity is unique in that not only do you get tons of privacy (1/8 mile away from your closest tiny house neighbor) but there is also clean water available from natural springs as [...]

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How Tiny House Living Forever Changed My Finances


There are so many reasons that folks decide to take the tiny house living plunge. But for the sake of this post, we’re going to focus on one very important reason…money! The average household income in 2014 was approximately $51,000 in The United States. In 2014 the average amount spent on housing was approximately $17,000. [...]

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Tiny House Plumbing


by Jenna Spesard Plumbing is probably one of the scariest parts of any build, especially when you’re like me, and you have zero construction experience. I’ll take you through our system, but there are many different ways to plumb your tiny home. Ours is relatively simple, as we only have one shower and one sink (no [...]

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Bulk Purchasing In A Tiny House

Bulk 1

by Andrew Odom Just the other day I strolled down the canned good aisle at CostCo (you know which one….it is right next to the frozen Aloo Tikki sampling station) thinking how nice it would be to pick up a flat of diced tomatoes, a flat of green beans, a flat of cream of mushroom, [...]

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Cooking For Free: the rise of the biomass stoves


by Andrew Odom Biomass stoves and cook stoves are nothing new. They are used by some 2.5 billion people worldwide in countries of varying regions and socio-economic standing. In recent years the popularity of the biomass fuel systems in American homes has grown and perhaps no more so than in the tiny house world. This [...]

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Tiny House Traveling Adventures: St. Augustine


by Laura LaVoie The Life in 120 Square Feet family, which includes two adults and one hairless cat, is on the road. Since building a tiny home gave us significant financial flexibility and reduced the amount of stuff in our lives we decided to head out of town for the month of February while it [...]

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