A Tiny House Thanksgiving


I’ll be the first to admit that I have never spent a Thanksgiving Day in my tiny house. It isn’t because the house would fail at being suitable for the holiday. It might be a small gathering, but it would work. Rather, it is because I choose to spend the holiday with my friends and [...]

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But Where Do You Keep Your…Books and Towels?


by Kelly Ross When friends, family or strangers first hear that we live in a converted school bus we lovingly call the “Just Right Bus” they’re typically quite intrigued in the basics. Does it drive? Where do you buy a bus? Do you live in it full time? If our encounter is more than a [...]

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Tiny House Giant Journey in Asheville: Part 1


Last year I had the pleasure of speaking with Guillaume and Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey on the Tiny r(E)volution podcast that I co-hosted with Andrew Odom. We interviewed a lot of wonderful people in the time that we hosted the podcast together but Guillaume and Jenna stood out to me. They were genuine [...]

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Three Tiny Houses Meet in Nova Scotia


On our travels through Nova Scotia with our tiny house in tow, Guillaume  (my partner) and I had the opportunity to park at Full Moon Tiny Shelters, a brand new tiny house company. We were greeted by James and Jennifer Constable and immediately began touring our respective tiny abodes. Our tiny home is 20 foot long, [...]

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Tiny Housers or Cave Squatters

Zhoukoudian system

When one things of cave dwellers the image is usually one of a prehistoric nature. We instantly see a hairy man with little to no teeth and a leopard print tunic crouching over a fire with primitive drawings on the wall behind him. Some of us may also think of Native Americans in the Southwest [...]

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Pixie Palace Hut Company


by Laura LaVoie There is nothing more romantic than a sweet little shepherd’s hut. That is why I couldn’t stop my heart from melting when I first saw the offerings of the Pixie Palace Hut Company. These tiny wagons are perfect for an artist retreat, home office, gardening shed, or a guest house in the [...]

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Simple Desert Living In a 50 Year Old Airstream


Last night before hitting the hay I checked out this video recently published by Fair Companies of a fella named Bruce who lives in Nevada in a 26′, 1966 Airstream Overlander. He found is for sale on Craigslist and bought it. Not too long ago he noticed work beginning to slow down and paying rent [...]

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The essential non-essentials in a tiny home


by Kelly Ross When we were paring down our belongings before moving into our 200 square foot converted school bus, The Just Right Bus (, most of the items we chose to bring were held to high standards of functionality and space efficiency. We had to pay close attention to the things we actually used [...]

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Building A Tiny House With Room To Spare


by Andrew Odom There is often an argument that tiny houses are little more than transient housing semi-structures designed as an alternative to homelessness or glamorized sheds for those who can’t afford anything more. Perhaps nothing could be further from the truth. In fact according to a fairly recent study (and representative infographic) from The [...]

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Why Do You Want a Tiny House?


by Laura LaVoie Through my blog I get a lot of questions about why I did things the way I did when it came to building my tiny house. Often people suggest that I should have built something bigger. I find this strange since I built a tiny home and building something bigger would have, [...]

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Beating The Boob Tube Addiction

Man Lying on Sofa in Front of TV

Many of us move into tiny houses or take to the open road or something similar so that we can experience freedom on a new level. That freedom is put in jeopardy though by a few of our self-created bad habits. If we are tethered to the DirecTV or we are hard wired to Hulu [...]

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The Tiniest Tiny house Workshop? Fully Hands-On!


For those who haven’t heard… Deek Diedricksen (alongside Steven Harrell, Dustin Diedricksen, and Andrew Odom) are hosting a very intensive (for all levels of skill (or none)) hands-on tiny house building and design workshop November 22nd-23rd in Carolina Beach, NC (near Wilmington). This workshop will feature a collective design and build (a backyard office/workshop with [...]

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