The Slowest Season: An Unexpected Glitch


What differentiates me from most of the other tiny house people is that I am using a technique which I refer to as the slow-build. Where most tiny housers finish their build within a few months, I have spent three years working on Tiny House Ontario. I do this as I have money, cooperative weather [...]

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Tiny Home Building: How to Start when You’re a Complete Beginner


When Matt and I started out on our tiny house journey we didn’t have any real experience building a house. We had done various home improvement projects over the years but it wasn’t the same thing. We added a porch to a home we owned in Michigan but we had contractors do the work. We [...]

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Well Wintered


The good news is that Tiny House Ontario wintered really well again this year. When I arrived there I could hear the smoke and carbon monoxide detector as soon as I opened the car door. It was low on batteries and beeping every few seconds to remind me to change it. Fortunately I had some [...]

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Does Technology Make the Tiny House Movement Possible?


When I was preparing for this post, I came across this article from February of this year. It briefly describes a project put together by students at Green Mountain College in Vermont. I, personally, would like to know more about it. The Fox article describes it this way: “The 70-square-foot half dome was designed to [...]

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Ramping up for the 2014 Season!


It looks like The Weather Network has made it official. There are not too many below 0 C days expected in this region. This is normally the time of year that I start packing up and getting ready to move back to Tiny House Ontario. It is a little different this year because I am [...]

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Take Your Tiny House Off The Grid!


by LaMar Alexander If you are considering a tiny house lifestyle I would also like to encourage you to consider taking your tiny house off the grid. I have been off-grid for over 15 years in a 14×14 cabin I designed and built myself for under $2000. I have a 480 watt solar electric system [...]

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My 4′x16′ Two-Person Sleeper Cabin


I recently began building a tiny cabin on the property that I purchased last summer outside of Wilmington, North Carolina that will serve as a place for me to sleep while building a larger tiny house on the property this coming fall/winter. This will allow me to spend several days (or weeks) at a time [...]

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Thesis Tiny House


Tyler is an exceptional young lady. Two years ago she built her first tiny house during her sophomore year in high school. Inspired by the book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” she picked up her hammer and got work. Now, two years later she’s at it again. This time the project build was for her senior [...]

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The Term “Tiny” Is Relative

Tiny House by Jessica Helgerson - Featured in Martha Stewart Living

When you really think about it, almost everything is relative. One person who lives in the Florida Keys might consider a scooter to zip around town on to be their vehicle while someone who lives in the Yukon probably considers an SUV or truck to be an ideal vehicle. An 18 year old might consider [...]

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Tiny News Roundup March 2014


Every month here at Tiny House Listings we like to summarize the events that happened in the tiny house community. Here is a short list of some of the things that happened around the community in March. Macy Miller and her partner James welcomed the newest addition to the tiny house community. On March 21st, [...]

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The PowerSpout, A Small Water Turbine Generator


There’s energy all around us. The only thing separating us and the energy and using it are the tools that allow us to capture it. Moving water is one example of energy that can help provide us energy for our daily lives. I recently stumbled across the PowerSpout, a small turbine that is powered by [...]

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Ruthven Gatekeeper’s House


I had to go to Cayuga Ontario the other day. While driving out that way I came to an old and really beautiful classical styled tiny house. It was surrounded by huge trees and had a sign that said Ruthven Park posted out front. I had no idea what sort of building it was and [...]

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