A Big “Tiny” Gathering in Orlando, Florida


Over 300 members of the group Florida Tiny House Enthusiasts gathered this weekend in Orlando, Florida at College Park Village RV/Tiny House Community for a tour of one of the four tiny houses at the event. People of all walks of life came out to see, talk, swap ideas and gather information about living Tiny. [...]

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Tiny Living Homes


Tiny Living Homes is a company based in British Columbia, Canada, that builds custom designed tiny homes for individuals seeking independence and financial freedom. The builders use the same design and building techniques as those of a traditional home but modified to fit a small footprint. Each home features a full kitchen, bathroom with shower [...]

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6 Ways to Sleep in a Tiny House


The debate over loft or no loft, and ladders or stairs, is a hot topic in the tiny house community. Individuals feel very strong that one or the other is a better way to build a tiny house. I challenge back that there is no one way to build a tiny house and value of [...]

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5 Beautiful Places To Park Your Tiny House


Several years ago I made an attempt at creating a much-needed solution for the tiny house community by creating a system where folks needing a place to park their tiny homes could post a wanted ad for others to peruse. The idea was that someone who might have a place available to park their tiny [...]

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Tiny Houses in The Tropics


by Darin Smith Where you are free to live the simple life once again. I’m writing you to tell you why we chose Belize for our tiny house community. We fully believe in unchaining ourselves from the McMansion movement but we want the permanence of a real home without wheels and stable sustainable community. We [...]

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Tiny House Ontario Two Too


When arriving at Tiny House Ontario things look different now. This is nothing to do with the improvements on the house or the way that the forest is growing in. The change comes because Guillaume’s Tiny House is coming right along. Oddly, because we are sharing the tiny house with him this summer and THO [...]

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Glamping in Minnesota


I just returned from a week of camping. So, I’ll admit this Tiny House Listings post is a bit of a cop out. My brain is still in Minnesota with my friends at the festival. I still smell the campfire on all of my things and I found it difficult to fall asleep last night [...]

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My Tiny White Studio


by Eroca Brawne The loft home is 10′x10′ with a max ceiling height of 13.5′ at the tip. There are two loft areas – but they are not full height. With such a small footprint it did not require a building permit. It has a wet bath with pull out shower, toilet and sink. A [...]

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The KettleCharge from Biolite


I’m always on the lookout for cool little gadgets and smart ideas that help make our lives and our journeys towards becoming more self-reliant and environmentally conscious a bit easier (and cooler). Several years I first learned about The Biolite Campstove that produces electricity from the heat created by burning biomass (sticks, twigs, leaves, etc.) [...]

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Working Hard is Overrated

Masanobu Fukuoka

The plan that has been sold to us that goes something like “study, work hard, save for retirement” I feel is bogus. We are all a bunch of folks living on a rock going through space in a predictable path. But this doesn’t mean the way we work and the way others work has to [...]

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The New Oregon Trail Bus


by Steven Henriksen Lindsey and I are native to the Pacific Northwest, but after a job opportunity came up we decided that we would give living in Florida a shot. It seemed like a great reason to check out the other corner of the country, and we told ourselves that we could always move on [...]

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Tiny House Pets Part 2


When transitioning into a tiny home it’s important to take into consideration the wants and needs of all of your family members. This includes spouses, children of the human variety and children of the furry variety as well. Back in April, 2013 Laura LaVoie wrote a post on Tiny House Pets, where she reflected on [...]

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