Why My Wife and I Are Building A Tiny Home

by Jay Merrett My wife and I are building a tiny house (12′x20′) in East Texas. We had no desire to be mobile. We wanted a solid foundation and construction that was sturdier than we could justify on a trailer. Size was also an issue. The width constraint on a trailer just felt too restrictive. [...]

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Questions and Objections


When you’re in the public eye you tend to hear a lot of negative things from well-intentioned strangers about the decision you’ve made. We’ve heard a lot of objections to our lifestyle and I think it is better to address those head on than just let them fester. Here are some of the things people [...]

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It’s Too Late To Dismiss The Concept of Tiny House Living


Several years ago the term “tiny house movement” was coined by some tiny house fan out there to define the quickly-growing interest in drastically reducing one’s home size as well as the possessions they own. This in turn drastically reduces expenses and the amount of money needed for paying recurring bills. Now, a good number [...]

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What we’ve Learned from a Year of Living Tiny


October 11 marks our 1 year anniversary of living in our tiny home, a 200 square foot converted school bus we lovingly call the “Just Right Bus”. In the past year we’ve learned a lot and made a few mistakes. I’d like to share some of what our time in the bus has taught us [...]

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Introducing Asheville Small Home Advocacy Committee


One of the most common questions I’m asked is whether or not tiny homes are legal in our city or anywhere else around the country. Unfortunately, that isn’t a very easy question to answer. Laws regarding home sizes vary throughout the country and are often different between neighboring municipalities. Even then it can be difficult [...]

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I Built It One Piece At a Time


by Tim Gabhart I have been building my tiny house for about 5 years now, as I can afford it! I got most of the wood from local saw mills and other jobs that I do. I am a carpenter by trade and love it! I love tiny houses and would really like to get [...]

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More Improvements To My Tiny Camper


by Bud Stratford Back in August and September, I [once again] made several revisions and improvements to my little camper. You may remember that the last time Tiny House Listings did a piece on it, it was basically a 4’ wide, 4’ tall, by 8’ long, rectangular wooden shell, mounted on a 4’ x 8’ [...]

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Preparing For Winter With Your Tiny House Heater

Sardine Stove

This winter is going to be cold. And perhaps cold is not even a strong enough word. “With its traditionally 80 percent–accurate weather forecasts, The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts that this winter will be another arctic blast with above-normal snowfall throughout much of the nation.”1 Those endearing notions of warm, snuggly nights with hot cocoa and knitted socks [...]

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Butcher Block Countertops In Your Tiny Home


Countertops are a big deal when building a tiny home. They transform a kitchen in ways you can’t really appreciate until you place them on top of your cabinets and stand back to admire. Countertops are a centerpiece of any home, no matter the size. We purchased our butcher block countertop as one solid 8’ [...]

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5 Things Only Tiny House People Understand


I know you’ve been seeing these lists around on social media. “The 45 Things Only Used Car Salesmen Understand,” or “16 Things only Violin Players Understand.” I did what most of us do – I avoided them. But then I got to thinking. Every time I meet someone else who lives in a tiny house [...]

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Cultivating Your Contentment and Living The Truth

Contentment 3

I don’t typically write deeply personal posts. And even now as I type I am not 100% sure I will allow this one to be. But for right now – with the lights out, the hum of the AC unit providing the soundtrack to an otherwise restless night, and nothing but warm water and a [...]

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Working From and Living In Your Tiny House


Like myself, many people I see looking toward embracing the tiny lifestyle are seeking a sense of freedom in their lives. Many of the people I’ve become close to in the tiny house community are entrepreneurs or otherwise self-employed. Those who work for other companies do so through a remote work arrangement. A big buzzword [...]

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