The Copper Penny and Simply Home Community


While we were in Portland we planned plenty of time to visit as many friends as possible. Lina Menard, who we met at the 2014 Tiny House Conference, immediately invited us to come see her home and community while we were still in town. Along with Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life, we made our [...]

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The Groundfridge Is The Root Cellar Of The 21st Century


by Andrew Odom The idea seems so antiquated: a root cellar. Historically speaking root cellars can be found almost everywhere in the world in some fashion. They date back to almost 3,000 BC that we know of and can still be seen and explored in the Middle East where they offered regulated earthen temperatures, shaded [...]

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The Cheryl cabin


guest post by Joshua Woodsman In the beginning, I dreamed designing small living spaces, which could be built by anyone anywhere. This led to the creation of the project Pin-Up Houses ( All Pin-Up Houses are of a unique design and are very functional, using smart principles . The plans for the construction are so [...]

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My Trip to The Lilypad


by Laura LaVoie When I posted on Facebook that I would be in Portland for 10 days one of the first people to reach out to me was Anita Flower of The Lilypad tiny house. She invited us to come see her house while we were in town. I had already fallen in love with [...]

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Tiny House Conference Recap


by Laura LaVoie I’ve been saying it a lot these last two weeks when people ask me to describe my experience. Arriving at the 2015 Tiny House Conference was a homecoming. The tiny house community extends to all four corners of the globe and when some of us are able to come together we feel [...]

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Darrell’s Off-Grid Shower


A few years back Darrell bought a couple acres of land in Indiana that he planned to use as recreationally. As time passed, he decided to add on to the shed that he originally bunked down in. He became fonder of the property and now finds himself staying there more and more and may live [...]

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Rolling Works of Art: a review of Zyl Vardos tiny houses

Pinafore 6

by Andrew Odom Dancer and choreographer Twyla Tharpe is credited as saying: “Before you can think out of the box, you have to start with a box.” All too often that is what we see as a tiny house: a box on wheels with a roof. But for artist and carpenter (and self-described nerd-savant) Abel [...]

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300k Facebook Fans Giveaway!


Recently The Tiny House Listings Facebook page reached a pretty amazing goal. We now have 300,000 fans! I remember not-to-long ago (at least it seems not that long ago) me thanking you all when we reached 1,000 Facebook fans. At the time that seemed like an amazing feat! To celebrate this milestone, I’m holding a [...]

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The Tiny House Hotel: A Tiny House Dweller’s Stay in Caravan


by Laura LaVoie When we were invited to speak at the Tiny House Convention in Portland (April 18th and 19th) we wanted to ensure we had the right energy level to contribute to the event. This meant that we needed to arrive the day before we were expected for the speakers meeting so we could [...]

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How-To Properly Raise Funds For Your Tiny House Dream


by Andrew Odom NOTE: The following post is an update to a blog post originally seen on Tiny r(E)volution According to Andrew Wilkinson crowdfunding is “a process where you raise money by selling your product in advance of producing it. For example, you might want to record and album, so you sell advance download of [...]

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Composting and Grey Water Systems


by Jenna Spesard For the past three years, Art Cormier has lived in a tiny home parked behind his rock climbing gym (the Rok Haus) in Lafayette, Louisiana. Through trial and error he has come up with an efficient, eco-friendly lifestyle that includes composting and the reuse of his grey water. The best part? His systems [...]

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Surviving – And Thriving – On A Low Budget


by Andrew Odom As history tells us there is a trend game at play anytime the nation experiences financial woe. In the case of The Great Depression more families re-discovered multi-generational living, farming, and gardening. After the Recession of 1945 brought on by a sudden halt to government spending Americans discovered higher levels of entrepreneurship [...]

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