A Windy Day For USB Devices


The conversation in the tiny house world is typically one that is about either life on the grid or life off the grid. Sounds simple enough except for the off-grid side typically refers to solar panels alone. It seems that wind generated energy is all but a lost thought. Understandably so since wind turbines require [...]

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Pantry Prime Time

Pantry 2

And no (for those of you old enough to remember) I am not talking about Deion Sanders. I am talking about the college students best friend; the career-minded’s companion. I am referring to that omniscient sophist in the Cloud; the ultimate Interwebs shopping buddy. I am talking about Amazon Prime!   FRIENDS FOREVER We all [...]

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Where do you even buy a school bus?


We get a lot of funny looks when people find out we live in a converted school bus. After a moment of pause and head scratching there are usually many questions. The conversation typically goes like this: Them: “You live in a what?” Us: “A school bus, we converted it into our home.” Them: “Did [...]

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Alternatives To Building Tiny


Occasionally people wonder whether or not building a tiny house is truly sustainable. I suppose the answer would always have to be “sometimes.” However, there are other options. Here are three ways to consider small or tiny living without building your own tiny house. Buy a pre-built tiny house. This very website owned by the [...]

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Solar Power Finally Rounds The Corner

Solar 4

While solar technology continues to advance daily on the data table it is rare that aesthetic changes come about. In fact, aside from DOW POWERHOUSE solar shingles and the occasional introduction (followed by cancellation and then re-introduction followed by a cancellation, ad nauseum) of the Solé Power Tile and SRE roofing system, and even peel [...]

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10 Dreamy Skylit Sleeping Lofts


One unfortunate and fortunate thing about homes is that they separate us from nature, some more than others. One of the many awesome things about tiny homes in my humble opinion is when the day is done you get to crawl up into your snug loft and doze off. A good amount of folks have [...]

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Tiny Houses the Big Attraction at the Raleigh Fall Home Show


This weekend had the opportunity to join tiny home builders Wishbone Tiny Homes, East Coast Tiny Homes, and Eco-Huts at the Raleigh Fall Home Show. Matt and I had been approached earlier this year to speak at the event about what it is like to live in a tiny house. So, on Friday night with [...]

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Cooking in a Tiny Home


A lot of people assume that when you live in a tiny home you have to give up “normal” home luxuries, like home-cooked meals. This definitely isn’t the case for us. Despite having 25% of the space of our last kitchen and losing a few appliances, like a dishwasher and microwave, we still enjoy most [...]

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The Demand For Tiny House Builders Is Growing


Back in 2010 when I first launched this website, tiny houses were certainly on the cusp of becoming a big deal, but I definitely didn’t imagine Tiny House Listings becoming such a large marketplace for the buying and selling of tiny homes that it has become. Thank you. Also, thank you to Kent Griswold from [...]

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3 Generations Happily Share a Backyard Garden Cottage in Albany, CA


by Justin Martinez Three generations are sharing a home in Albany, CA, with the security and peace of mind afforded by a backyard garden cottage they added recently. Their lot is 5,000 square-feet, and the accessory dwelling unit provides an additional 442-square-feet. Equipped with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, laundry, living area, and a cozy [...]

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Elaine’s Tiny House in Orlando, Florida


Elaine Walker’s tiny house has been around for quite awhile. It was built around 5 years ago and it has been lived in on the west coast, DC, and now down in Florida. At one point she considered moving it onto my remote property outside of Wilmington, NC but decided to move it further south. [...]

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Living with an Origo 6000 Alcohol Range


Building the kitchen was my favorite project when we converted the bus. I enjoy doing most of the cooking in our home and love to explore different recipes and culinary genres so a comfortable, functional kitchen was very important to me. A key appliance that we spent a long time discussing and researching was our [...]

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