Heather, Tiny and ZERO Debt


Heather Myers started building her tiny house about a year ago with the intention of moving in there with her dog and two cats. Nonetheless, during the process of the build her pets were adopted/stolen by her parents, so it is just her and her living in her home “Tiny”. Her home was livable in [...]

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Living With A Water Trough Bathtub


One of the amenities of our Just Right Bus that receives the most comments and questions is our water trough bathtub. It’s in the middle of the bus across from the fridge and next to the sink, fairly difficult not to notice. Water trough’s go by various names including stock tanks, horse trough, livestock tanks, [...]

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6 Amazing Alternatives to Tiny Houses


On this site, obviously, we pay an awful lot of attention to the tiny-house-on-wheels format for the definition of what makes a house tiny. Of course, not every tiny house is a Tumbleweed style home on a trailer. In fact my own home, while built with original Tumbleweed plans, is on a post and pier [...]

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How To Save $1000’s When Building Your Tiny House


by Kevin Coy The cost of building a house of any size is usually broken down into three categories. One third is the cost of materials. One third is the cost of labor and the other third is profit to the builder. So a $300000 house is $100000 in materials. labor and builder profit respectively. [...]

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The Fair Price of Tiny Homes


“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” – Henry David Thoreau Every time the subject of prices for tiny homes comes up I think back to this quote. Much of the tiny house movement started as DIY. Tiny home dreamers taught themselves how to become tiny home builders. People [...]

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How to get involved in the Tiny House Community


Last weekend an online Tiny House group that I am a proud member of, “Florida Tiny House Enthusiasts” met up in Zephyrhills, Florida. About 30 of us from the group had a great time with lively conversation, a scrumptious potluck and even watched the movie, “We The Tiny House People”. Some traveled several hours to [...]

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Tiny Refuge


Natalie first heard about tiny houses in August of 2012 at a wedding. A friend, and fellow guest, was talking about a trailer they were expecting and the idea really resonated with her. Within a few weeks she decided that she too would go tiny and ordered Cypress 20 plans with the double dormers, from [...]

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My Tiny Off Grid Desert Cabin


by Andrew Cox Hey There, Welcome to life inside 171 sq ft! I wanted to tell you about my little cabin because I haven’t seen anything exactly like it before. I built my cabin with an “off-the-grid meets zombie apocalypse” mind-set. It’s in the high-desert where temperatures range from -10 to +120 Fahrenheit so the [...]

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The Bumbleshack


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Tiny House couple Lisa and Jon, proud new owners of The Bumbleshack, one of the newest Tiny Houses to find a home in Florida. Joe Everson of Tennessee Tiny Homes built and personally delivered the tiny house to Florida last week and we could hardly wait to [...]

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Guillaume’s Work Begins


Things are looking both new and hot at Tiny House Ontario. There is a lot going on there despite my having not been there much. Unable to use the house this year because of my illness and recovery, I have loaned THO to my friend Guillaume. He recently had an absolutely gorgeous custom trailer built [...]

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Blackfox Build A Vardo


by Blackfox Kindred Last winter was a really hard one. It lead to many hours stuck indoors and surfing around on the internet where I rediscovered a curiosity from my childhood. I stumbled onto images of a Gypsy Vardo. The remarkable traveling homes that I had seen at carnivals and fairs growing up in the [...]

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Pinterest Tiny House Ideas Round-Up


Like many Pinterest users I have a love/hate relationship with the website. I use it to pin recipes so I don’t have a tiny kitchen full of cookbooks. I use it to pin camping ideas because when I am not camping I am daydreaming about camping. However, I also browse through pins when I am [...]

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