A Simple And Portable Pressurized Shower

Tiny house living is often times about figuring out how to reduce things down to their lowest common denominator.

I recently came across this little contraption that allows you to have a pressurized shower anywhere you go (or stay). I know lots of folks whose tiny living situation is being out and about traveling from place to place. There are others who have elected to not have plumbing in their tiny house to keep things simple (and/or cheap) or for whatever other reason.

The shower is made up of only three small pieces (you can pick one up on Amazon here) and is so small and simple that you can pack it up in a small waterproof bag. I bought this little setup for when I’m traveling in my “new” traveling office that was used as a handicapped transportation vehicle.

So without making you redundantly read anything else that I cover in this quick video overview, here it goes:

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5 Comments → “A Simple And Portable Pressurized Shower”

  1. Edward

    Feb 09, 2014

    Great tutorial on compressed logs, though I would be very hesitant to burn these indoors with the large amount of ink that would be present in regular junkmail.


  2. 2BarA

    Feb 15, 2014

    Great little shower. Where can I buy one??


  3. Sally Schrock

    Feb 15, 2014

    This is very cool, Steven, and it could probably even be used on outdoor camping trips where there are bodies of water nearby. I believe I will be putting plumbing into my tiny house though, but this is well worth keeping in mind nonetheless!


  4. Nancy Clayton

    Feb 15, 2014

    Hi Steven, I was all set to go online and order one, when I realized that the rain barrel solar pump that I bought from Gardener’s Supply a few years ago will accomplish the exact same thing (without batteries or plug-in) and now I won’t have to spend a dime! Thanks for the idea – keep them coming! I don’t have a tiny house yet, but I am gathering all my ideas and “stuff” together for when the day comes! (Know anyone living in a tiny house in the Florida Keys?) Oh, the pump is called the RainPerfectâ„¢ Solar-Powered Rain Barrel Pump, by the way.


    • Steven

      Feb 15, 2014

      Funny you should mention that! I have a video coming up where I take this exact pump and extend its intended use for tiny house living. Stay tuned!


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