23′ GMC Solar Motorhome

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Price: $13900 Address: Anywhere
Type: Sale City: Silverlake
Bedrooms: 1 State: California
Bathrooms: 1 Country: USA
Size: 161 Sq. Ft. Postal Code: 90039
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This ad is for a custom classic 1976 GMC MOTORHOME, with extensive recent upgrades setting this RV apart from the rest…
Smogged, re-registered and on the road, this RV is ready to take you where you need to go: the beach, cross-country, Mexico, BurningMan and beyond….

(( Please note: This RV is also available with a full SOLAR INSTALL, for a price of $13,900… (The pictures in this ad are with the full install on the roof)
Featuring 520 watts of top-of-the-line solar equipment, you can run a recording studio, sound system, internet cafe… you name it…,
in addition to your usual RV “household” needs like lighting and water pump…
However, with the solar equipment tying up about 1/3 the value of the RV, this motorhome is perhaps a little too specialized for your everyday RVer!
So for these REDUCED-PRICE listings, we would be retaining some or all of the solar gear, and offering 2 less expensive options:

1) $11,500: Removing the (4) 130 watt panels and installing (2) 85 watt panels in their place.
I would also be removing the 2000 watt sine wave inverter / charger and substituting a basic 1000 watt inverter and 40 amp charger.
These components should cover the electric needs of 90% of the RVers out there, and of course you always have the generator to fall back on!

2) $9,900 (firm!): Removing all the solar panels, charge controller and inverter.
There would be a good 40 watt battery charger remaining, as well as the dual battery banks,
new transfer switch, new breaker box, and 30 feet of heavy duty 4/0 copper cable left in place,
in case you ever wanted to reinstall a solar charging system.
BTW: the household battery banks still charge when you drive the vehicle, and of course they charge up via generator.

LIVE THE DREAM: This unique vehicle is the ideal MOBILE STUDIO, for artists, musicians, photographers, videographers, editors and writers; With 170 watts of SOLAR CHARGE POWER, now you can drive your studio to wherever the inspiration takes you!
Write and record your album, on the road… Shoot your movie by day and edit by night…
The solar system includes (4) big back-up batteries, for lots of reserve 110 volt household power, day or night!
And of course there’s a slide-out 4k generator for those times when you need the extra power.

SELF-CONTAINED: Besides the off-grid power and studio capabilities, this RV has all the basic living amenities so you can be fully self-contained and comfortable on the road: Kitchen, bed, bathroom, shower, fridge, stovetop, furnace, 40 gallon fresh water tank and 6 gallon hot water via propane or electric… (Currently there is no rooftop air conditioner installed… I would park mostly at the beach, and never needed one! However the AC wiring is all in place, and the solar panels are set up for easy adjustment to allow space for a rooftop air conditioner to be installed. Camping World has great deals on ACs with very inexpensive installation.)

ARRIVE IN STYLE: This vehicle is more like a mini tour-bus than an RV, and with its 2009 Toyota silver-green metallic paint job, there’s nothing else like it on the road: From production gigs to festivals, to curbside promotions… all the way to Burning Man… this RV turns heads!

Consider why the GMC Motorhome has such a cult following amongst RVers:
– futuristic aerodynamic design
– front wheel drive and rear tandem air-ride suspension, for a car-like driving experience (and less bumps for your fragile gear)!
– extensive aluminum construction to keep the weight of the chassis down
– powerful Olds Toronado 455 engine, with towing set-up

COLLECTOR VALUE plus PRACTICALITIES: Pre-recession, a classic GMC with this many upgrades would sell for nearly twice as much!! Why? This 23′ version of the classic GMC Motorhome is a particularly rare and sought-after model, due to limited production as compared to the 26′ model. Plus, its smaller size allows you to squeeze into conventional parking spaces and meters, where larger RVs would be out of luck! Factor in all the recent upgrades and last summer’s new paintjob, and you’ve got a great investment… in the form of a really fun RV!

FREE ENERGY: On the roof are (2) custom-mounted 85 watt Kyocera solar panels, wired to a 12 volt solar charge regulator. Under the hood are (4) recent new deep cycle batteries (6 volt series / tandem, making (2) 12 volt battery banks, with a heavy duty marine switch optionally connecting them together, or disconnecting when you want to charge off the engine’s alternator!) The batteries feed a 1000 watt sine wave inverter/charger, which feeds the household outlets in the RV… all professionally installed! When you need more charge power, fire up the generator or plug in to shore power, and the 40 amp Statpower battery charger will top up the batteries.

WELL MAINTAINED: There are lots of GMCs out there if you look around, but most of them are still sporting their 1970’s paint jobs, and with uncertain state of mechanical repair (beware!)…. But I’ve driven this RV 50,000 miles in the past 8 years, and i’ve kept the maintenance up to date, utilizing the services of some of the best GMC Motorhome specialists in the USA:

Please note: as part of the deal, I would be willing to offer the new owner several hours of instruction on the various systems,
custom installations, maintenance suggestions, etc… for the best-possible experience on the road with this RV… free of mystery!
Also, the GMC Motorhome has a GREAT support group on the web, with an active daily mailing list of fellow-owners and professionals, ready to lend a hand: http://gmcnet.org

– new paint job with 3 coats of clear coat
– 3″ exhaust with Thorley headers
– new 100amp alternator
– power-coated rims and 10-ply tires (4 of the 6 tires are new in the past 18 months)
– new grey water and black water holding tanks ($1900)
– new carpeting at the cockpit
– recent new refridgerator, 3 way, with Dinosaur circuit board upgrade
– new kitchen counter and faucet
– new water pump
– (2) Fantastic fans
– new breaker box w/transfer switch for automatic selection between 4k slide-out generator and shore power
– new air-ride compressor and valves ($800) Much better than old-school “leveling jacks”, the automatic adjustable air suspension is the ideal form of “leveling”!)

REST and RELAXATION… and recording studio:
The interior is currently set up like a mini recording studio, with dual-tier racks for your laptop and gear, and one pull out double bed across from the kitchen; BUT the interior could easily be converted back to couch/bunkbeds in place of the studio desks (bunkbed hardware included if you want it, will need reupholstering). The floor-plan was originally the “Birchhaven” model, with an open-air feel to it… This is a rear-bath model, with a solid wood door between the main compartment and bathroom. There’s a full-size mirror on the back of the door, as well as a nice-sized closet to hang your wardrobe, with space for dresser drawers and/or misc storage. There’s even a mini-bathtub with full stand-up shower.


Just spent $1100 on new carb, spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, plus front balljoints
Smogged and registered until 7/8/12
Mileage is 102,800 original miles, with a rebuilt engine at 53k, rebuilt transmission at 75k…

Please feel free to contact with any questions!

**** Please note that the (4) rooftop panels in these pictures would be substituted with (2) panels ****

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